CTV: Who Is Yvonne Raymond Husband Scott Cunningham? Her Marriage Deatails Explored

CTV: Who Is Yvonne Raymond Husband Scott Cunningham? Her Marriage Deatails Explored

Whoever said it’s really a bad idea to mix work and personal life proved it all wrong by the Canadian CTV News couple; Yvonne Raymond and her husband Scott Cunningham have been balancing it all too well, whether work or family enjoying hobbies together. 

Yvonne Raymond is a Canadian journalist who is a reporter and anchor in CTV News. Yvonne and her husband, Scott Cunningham, were co-workers in CTV News before they started dating.

The couple clicked and were in a long-term relationship before they got married back in 2017.

Yvonne Raymond Husband Scott Cunningham

Yvonne Raymond and Scott Cunningham first met on CTV News. They started dating in 2013, the same year Yvonne joined the company.

After dating for five years, the couple got married on June 11, 2017. Raymond gave birth to a beautiful daughter in April 2020. 

The couple now lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and love to share family pictures on their social media accounts.

Yvonne’s Instagram account is @yvonne.raymond; she is also active on Twitter as @CTVNewsYvonne.

Scott’s Instagram is private for now. His Instagram account is @sctvbroading. He is, however, very active on Twitter as @CTVNewsScott

Yvonne Raymond Husband

Scott Cunningham is a CTV Videographer who graduated from Calgary’s Mount Royal University on a Broadcasting Diploma. 

Scott completed his program at the top of his class in 2007 and started working right after.

In 2011, Scott left Calgary and went to the prairies, where he worked as a reporter and assignment editor in Medicine Hat.

Scott won the 2010-RTNDA Dave Rogers Award for a best short feature in the Prairie Region. 

Scott now works in Victoria. He enjoys shooting, writing, and editing his works. Aside from being a passionate videographer, Scott is also a great husband, travel lover, hiker, and cyclist. 

Yvonne Raymond Wiki

Yvonne was born in Canada. Her mother’s name is Remi Marie Cunningham. 

She always wanted to be a Journalist and remembers that she had print ambitions when she was in Grade 1. 

Yvonne joined CTV Vancouver in 2013 and currently works there as a reporter and anchor.

Yvonne is also an award-winning writer for the book Lockout: Exploring the rich history and uncertain future of Powerview-Pine Falls.

Yvonne Raymond Age

Yvonne Raymond has not disclosed her age, but she celebrates her birthday on January 5. 

By looking at Yvonne’s pictures, we can assume that she is in her early 30s.

The mother of 1 is in great shape and has maintained excellent health regardless of her busy schedule.

In 2020, when Yvonne was pregnant with her daughter, she actively created medical awareness for pregnant women during the pandemic.

Yvonne Raymond Net Worth

We do not know the actual net worth of Yvonne as of now. However, the average salary of a news anchor in Canada is C$64,459 per year.

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