Who Is Yves Perron? Everything To Know About The Bloc Quebecois President

Who Is Yves Perron? Everything To Know About The Bloc Quebecois President

Breaking!! Yves Perron wins the federal election in Berthier—Maskinongé finally at the age of 60s. Find out about his wife and net worth of the MP below

Yves Perron is a Canadian election who recently won the federal election in 2021 locally.

He won the in the electoral district, Berthier—Maskinongé of Quebec making him the official Member of Parliament from the region. He will also now be a part of the House of Commons of Canada. 

Perron won the election with 21,000 votes, which was 37.62% of all the votes. Following was Ruth Ellen Brosseau with 34.95% votes. Christine Poirier gathered 13.83% vote while  Josée Bélanger collected 10.31%.

Perron is from the Bloc Québécois party. This year’s vote rose by  11.82% compared to the 2015 election when he received only 25.72% vote.

Yves Perron Age Details

Yves Perron age looks to be somewhere around judging by his appearance. Also that he is retired now, we can assume his age is in his 60s.

Perron grew up in Senneterre, Quebec with his brother Daniel Perron. The age difference between the brothers is at least 5-7 years old.

At his tender age, Perron was interested mostly in building and opening up mechanical devices. This led him to earn a degree in mechanical engineering ages later.

Yves Perron Net Worth Revealed

Putting the net worth of Yves Perron in a definitive figure can be misleading without proper sources.

However, as a leading mechanical engineering, he earned a salary of $100,000 annually. The salary could even be higher as the figure is an average amount taken by CA Talent.

He is also a business executive leading many companies. So, the bonuses and allowances could be pretty worthy. Therefore, we can say that the net worth of the parliament member is well above.

Also, an election is an expensive area and requires a serious net worth to run.

Who Is Yves Perron’s Wife?

Yves Perron is married to his long-time wife Marianne Gagnon.

Gagnon, his wife is a social worker who works in providing basic human needs to the unfortunate ones in Africa.

Perron welcomed three children with his wife; Jeremie Perron, Matthieu Perron and Claudie Perron. Perron now lives in Saint-Félix-de-Valois, Quebec with his wife. All of their children live in close proximity.

The photo of three children of Yves Perron posted by his wife, Marianne on Facebook.

Yves Perron Wikipedia Explored

Yves Perron is featured on Wikipedia. After completing his Mechanical Engineering degree, he started by working in the industrial sector

Eventually, he landed his job as a vice president at Delsaer and Seneca. Later in 2012, he moved to Engineering and Construction by Stornoway Diamond in the same post.

Perron was one of the key contributors in developing the construction field in Quebec.