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William Junior Pierce Age, Wiki (Mind Hunter Serial Killer Wikipedia) Family, Bio
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With the release of Netflix’s original series Mindhunter season 2, fans became familiar with an infamous criminal of the 1970s. People in 2019 weren’t much familiar with William Junior Pierce.

However, Mindhunter season 2 introduced this serial killer. Now, most of us know his crime. If you have watched the series, you must have searched about William. So, your search ends here because we will provide you every possible detail about him.

Read further to know the life of William Junior.

William Junior Pierce Age (88 years)

As a matter of fact, the criminal’s birthdate is yet unknown. Nonetheless, his birth year is available which is in the year 1931. According to this, William Junior Pierce is currently 88 years of age.

William Junior Pierce Wiki (Mindhunter)

Undoubtedly, the kids of 2019 don’t know much about this serial killer. Thanks to Mindhunter, most of the people knew William Junior Pierce as a criminal. Mindhunter is Netflix’s original series.

Its first season came out in 2017 and became popular in an instant. Likewise, Mindhunter’s second season also got huge popularity for its content. It is a fictional series based on a criminal’s real life.

Additionally, the series’ season 2 released only on Netflix on August 16, 2019. In the series, Michael Filipowech played the role of serial killer Junior Pierce. Also, he portrays a smart and fun-loving side of William.

Similarly, William is able to speak in seven languages in the series. However, we don’t know if Pierce really can speak 7 languages in real life.

The serial killer became more known when Mindhunter’s team disclosed his real picture.

According to, he is the killer of more than 9 victims. He went to jail on March 8, 1971. Additionally, he murdered two men and 7 women at least before his arrest.

Currently, he is serving life imprisonment in Georgia. He is regarded as one of the dangerous criminals. He is infamous for rape, robbery, and murder.

Moreover, he raped and murdered a 13-year-old girl in December 1970. The victim’s name was Margaret ‘Peg’ Cuttino. She was the daughter of senator of South Carolina.

Definitely, he is someone who shouldn’t be out of jail. In addition, Pierce is also a serial confessor. He confessed to most of his crimes when Sheriff tortured him.

However, Mindhunter shows a different perspective for these serial killers. It helps them to realize what they did was completely wrong.

William Junior Pierce Family, Bio

The convicted criminal was born as William Pierce Jr. However, he preferred Junior in his name first. His early life details are missing so, we don’t know what his family was like.

Nonetheless, he went to jail at the age of starting a career. His crimes in 1970-1971 led him to life imprisonment.

Moreover, he was born in Georgia. He is an American criminal. Most of his crime locations are Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. He murdered people using different methods.

He was one of the wanted criminals in the 1970s. However, much of his bio details aren’t available on the internet. He became known just because of TV series Mindhunter.