Who Is William Braddock? Everything About Florida Congressional Candidate

Who Is William Braddock? Everything About Florida Congressional Candidate

William Braddock is the Grand Old Party candidate running for a seat in Florida’s 13th Congressional district. 

William Braddock is recently making the headlines when his threatening recording surfaced online.

In the call, he can be heard threatening to kill his fellow candidate, Anna Paulina Luna.

Luna filed a police report against the United States Marine Corps Veteran as she didn’t feel safe and feared for her life.

Meanwhile, William claims that he doesn’t have Luna’s number and has only met her once at a meeting hosted by a Local Community Patriots organization.

Who Is William Braddock? His Wikipedia

The St. Petersberg resident William Braddock is not featured on an individual Wiki page. However, we are getting to read about him on various sites recently.

Just before announcing his candidacy for the FL-13 Congressional seat, Braddock was highlighted in many headlines after Anna Paulina Luna accused Braddock along with Amanda Makki, who lost the GOP primary to Luna, and Matt Tito, a former Congressional candidate.

Braddock also said in the recording that a few needed to be sacrificed for the greater good. He further added that he had access to the Russian mafia, who can make her disappear within 24 hours.

How Old Is William Braddock?

The alumna of Rollins College, Florida, William Braddock’s age is 37 years old.

Born and raised in Florida, he is a Florida native and considers himself to be an entrepreneur as well.

The hearing on extending the injunction is set for 22 June.

William said he has nothing to prepare for the date as he has done nothing wrong. He even added that Anna Paulina Luna might be sent to jail for making a false accusation.

William Braddock Wife

It’s not known to us who William’s wife is.

Assumably, he is married but any further information about his personal life and family is not out to the public.

What Is William Braddock Net Worth?

Mr. Braddock’s net worth is under review.

He claims to own enough financial backup for himself along with cryptocurrencies.

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