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Will Connolly is a 17 age old boy who rose to fame overnight with the egg incident with the Queenslandn Senator Fraser Anning. The young boy has gained a wide range of popularity with the name egg boy given by his supporter. Will smashed an egg on the back of the head of the senator after his controversial comments on Muslims people.

How old is Will Connolly?

Will Connolly who won worldwide recognition with name of Egg Boy is actually 17 year old. However, there isn’t much insight available on his birth date. He spent his entire childhood in Hampton, Melbourne.

Will is currently a high school student but information about the educational institution he is attending isn’t available over Internet or any Social Media sites.

How tall is Will Connolly? Details on His Body Statistics


Publically acclaimed hero, Will Connolly has a tall stature and has a considerable body weight. However, there isn’t much information on his current body statistics.

The Australian boy has a fair complexion and an adorable smile.

Is Will Connolly Married? Details on his Girlfriend

Will Connolly is an admirable young man who currently is living a single without the tension of breakup. Moreover, Will is a person with the sense of justice and doesn’t consider wasting his precious time by involving himself in meaningless relationship.

In addition to that, Will is now quite busy with the legal charges and cases after the egg incident; that he doesn’t has the time to find a match for himself.


How Will Connolly got his name as the Egg Boy?

Will is an internet sensation who gained fame and support overnight with an incident with the Senator of Queensland Fraser Anning. Some might even say that what an idiot was Will Connolly. But in fact he was a brave little soul who had the sense of justice to the right thing.

Fraser Anning was an Anti-Muslim activist and made racist and unfair comments against all the Muslims in the world. The senator said that all the Muslims were terrorists which widely offended a huge number of humanitarian. Although Connolly is quite young, he couldn’t take such harsh critics and raged out in front of the media. He smashed an egg on the back of the head of the senator.

The senator of course retaliated and struck the teen twice before the team of bodyguards pinned him down. After the incident he gained the title of hero. The incident went quite viral over social media sites. Also a lot of supporters came rising in the favor of the teen.

Now he is quite popular as his supporters gave him a nickname ‘Egg Boy’. There is a long range of merchandise with Will’s picture on it saying ‘Egg Boy’.

Connolly has now become a VIP as many supporters rose to help him both legally and financially. Some musicians gave him the life time free tickets of any of their shows all over the world. And some also call him the ‘Hero of The Earth’.

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What is Will Connolly Net Worth?        

Although very young, Connolly has spread his name all over the world and gained a lot of supporters. Looking briefly into his life, we don’t see any connection of him with politics or art. However, through his supporters and fans he has gained a huge amount of money. Also through various fund raisers on his name he successfully has garnered a fortune.

However, his current net worth in the market is still under shade.