Who Is The Witch In The Britain Got Talent? Fans Convinced Its Marc Spellman Behind Prosthetics

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Who is the Witch in the Britain Got Talent? Fans have distinctive theories about the two possibilities including Marc Spellman.

The BGT episode that aired on April 30 contained an act that made Alesha leave her chair and drift towards the crowd.

A mysterious person with a full-fledged costume and make-up was introduced as the Witch.

It started with a scary vibe and the audience was already on their feet. 

The Witch made Alesha and Williams an apple each to choose from the bag. But when the turn came to Amanda, she was given two apples and Simon had to choose one between them.

Fortunately, Simon chose the right one as the other one was made up of maggots and cockroaches.

This horrifying act scared many people but it was good enough to get four yesses.

Now, various users on the media are talking about the identity of the Witch as they try to establish their viewpoint.

The Witch In The Britain Got Talent Identified: This Is What The Fans Think

Fans are theorizing that the Witch on Britain Got Talent is none other than Ant And Dec.

Yes, the fellow co-hosts of the show are known for their scary and interesting pranks on the judges from other shows.

And many people believe that the Witch is also one of the two hosts.

While several indicate it being Ant, the majority voice thinks that the person is Dec.

However, both of them were shown communicating the act as scary in the beginning when the Witch was on the stage.

This has developed another candidate who could be the Witch.

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Fans Convinced The Witch Is Marc Spellman

Numerous fans believe that the Witch on BGT is the fellow magician Marc Spellman.

Yes, the same Marc who came to the show as a magician in his first season.

The man came once again in the next season but with the name Magician X, hiding behind a full costume and mask.

Now the public is talking that it could be his third appearance on the show.

Spellman has already done a hideous character on the program before so it won't be much of a mystery to suspect his involvement this time as well.

But regardless of the speculations, the actual face behind that makeup is unknown at the moment.

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