Who Is Taylor Mock? Tia Booth New Boyfriend 2021 Revealed Through Her Instagram Post

Who Is Taylor Mock? Tia Booth New Boyfriend 2021 Revealed Through Her Instagram Post

Tia Booth, best known for being alumni of The Bachelor, has recently revealed on Instagram that she has a new boyfriend, Taylor Mock.

“It’s been nice keeping this to myself,” Tia said just a few hours ago before stating it’s about time they know about him.

A sequence of photos and videos showed a man wrapping his arms around Tia had been revealed.

From his age and career to his Instagram page, we looked into everything there to know about her new boyfriend.

Who Is Taylor Mock? Tia Booth New Boyfriend Explored

Taylor Mock is the guy Tia Booth is presently dating.

They are certainly in love, as evidenced by a post on October 17th in which they made their relationship public on Instagram.

Taylor Mock relocated from California to Nashville just over a year ago.

Tia moved here from Arkansas and is currently living in her first acquired home in Music City. So it’s very likely that they met there.

Taylor is a product engineer, according to his LinkedIn profile.

He’s been in this Nashville-based position since December 2020, after working for Watson Bros. as a project manager.

Taylor studied business at Arizona State University until 2018 and economics at UC Santa Barbara from 2015 to 2018.

Taylor Mock Age Details 

Taylor Mock age might be currently in his early 30s. 

However, till now, we have been unable to find out his exact age. 

In terms of Tia’s age, she will turn 30 in 2021. This year, Tia, the TV celebrity, celebrated her birthday on August 11th.

Tia and Taylor may have only recently made their love official on Instagram, but it appears both of them had been dating for quite some time.

They are frequently spotted laughing, cuddling, baking, or spending time with animals. They have a good deal of chemistry and banter!

Several followers have expressed their delight that Taylor has finally found love.

Meet Taylor Mock And Tia Booth On Instagram 

If you want to know more information about Taylor Mock, you can follow him on Instagram @tmock39

You can also follow Tia on her Instagram @tiarachel91.

Taylor wrote on his Instagram:

It’s hard to put together in words true feelings for someone you love. I guess I’ll keep it as simple as I’ve never felt more alive than when I’m with you. With that being said, I still had to make fun of you; I hope everyone enjoys the last two slides.