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Who Is Sona Movsesian Husband? Sona Movsesian Net Worth, Salary, Hot Age
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Sona Movsesian, do you know who she is?

No problem, if you don’t. She is actually a television personality, who rose to fame as an assistant of a famous comedian, writer, and producer Conan O’Brien. She has been working as an assistant for over a decade now.

Talking about her personal life, she tied the knot with her boyfriend in August last year.

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This is a wedding post, FYI.

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Who is the husband of Sona Movsesian?

Sona married to a Graphic Artist named Artak aka Tak on August 25, 2018. Before that, they dated for 2 years after they met in 2016. Tak is originally from Albania, and, he moved to America in 1989.

Tak has been working in television for over 10 years. However, Sona and he had never met before 2016.  They met through some common friends and started talking.  He proposed to her in 2016 when they were on a trip to Hawaii.

Their bond is so much like of best friends. They tease each other and complement each other completely. They also have a very interesting story to tell about their relationship. You can watch them on YouTube.

Sona’s boss Conon even threw a great party at his house for the couple. The couple says that they had an engagement party at Conon’s house.

For the wedding, they had a Big Fat American Wedding in Germany. Everything about the wedding was fancy. They had their first wedding anniversary recently.

How much does Sona Movsesian earn? Her Net Worth and Salary

Although there are not enough details about Sona’s salary and net worth, reports say that she is getting a salary of $10,000 per month at present. Some sites on the internet predict that her net worth must be around $1 million approximately.

Recently, she was searching for a house around Los Angeles. But we are not sure if she has found the appropriate one or not.

How old is Sona?

Sona was born in Los Angeles, America. She grew up there with her parents. Her parents, however, moved to America from Turkey. However, we do not know her exact age. She must be in her mid-30s.

Likewise, her husband is also very secretive about his personal life. So, we guess he must also be in his 30s at present.

Sona’s Education and Career

She studied Bachelor’s in Arts from the University of Southern California. Thereafter, she started working as an intern for NBC. After a year of the internship, she started there. She worked there for 4 years.

In addition to this, she has also worked for Conan O’Brien. She joined his staff right after NBC. Currently, she is his assistant and has been doing many shows and works with him.

The two share a very good professional relationship. Moreover, they are close personally as well. Well, this is not surprising after over 10 years of professional relationship.

Sona on Social Media

IF you search for @sonamov, you will find Sona Movsesian on Instagram. She has over 52,000 followers. However, we were not able to find her husband’s Instagram account.

So, for now, let’s watch his pictures on Sona’s personal Instagram.