Who Is Sergio Paolo From AGT? Everything To Know About The Expert Juggler

Who Is Sergio Paolo From AGT? Everything To Know About The Expert Juggler

Sergio Paolo is currently at the age of 24 years as per his bio on Instagram. Let us learn more about him in detail below.

Sergio Paolo is an expert Juggler from Columbia as per his introduction in AGT. 

Similarly, Paolo began his act by juggling three balls and made his way onto a leveled platform on America’s Got Talent.

Furthermore, with a handful of juggling balls, he managed to do a backflip and other fantastic tricks that got him into the highlights.

Sergio Paolo Age: How Old Is He?

Sergio Paolo is 24 years old as of 2021, as mentioned in his Instagram bio.

Furthermore, he has only revealed his age and not his exact date of birth as of this moment.

If he manages to say anything about his birthdate later, we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

Sergio Paolo Wikipedia

Sergio Paolo is not available on Wikipedia now, despite his fame from many reality shows and events.

Further, Sergio is the center of attention as a result of his AGT performance. Similarly, people are enthralled by his performance and eager to learn more about him.

Moreover, he has been juggling for six years as a full-time career, and he is reaping the benefits of his good fortune. Additionally, he hopes for more work and success from what he is doing at the moment.

Sergio Paolo Family

Sergio Paolo has not revealed much about his family, but they are Colombians.

Furthermore, he currently lives in Chile, as per information available on the web.

Similarly, he has kept his family out of the spotlight and successfully remains low profile so far.

What Is Sergio Paolo Net Worth?

The exact net worth of Sergio Paolo is not available as of this moment.

However, he must have a steady income from his performances since he has gotten highly adept at attracting people.

Moreover, his net worth might increase and be public after he progresses on the AGT platform.

Is Sergio Paolo On Instagram?

We can find Sergio Paolo on Instagram under the handle @sergiopaolo.p.

He has around 9k followers and has made quite frequent posts on his account.

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