Who Is Ruth Bergevin? Meet Marc Bergevin Wife On Instagram

Who Is Ruth Bergevin? Meet Marc Bergevin Wife On Instagram

Marc Bergevin wife Ruth Bergevin is a Canadian who currently resides in the US with her husband and children.

Right behind the shadow of her husband’s fame, Ruth is Marc’s long-time wife.

Marc is a former ice hockey player and a professional executive. It was in 2012 that he was appointed the general manager of the Montreal Canadiens.

The former National Hockey League (NHL) defenseman was earlier an assistant GM for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Who Is Ruth Bergevin? Marc Bergevin Wife

Gorgeous Ruth Bergevin is married to her loving husband Marc Bergevin.

She doesn’t come up to any media, unlike her husband. She seems happy enough to be the support from behind all the limelight.

On 25 June 2021, Marc’s team Montreal Canadiens defeated Golden Knights in Game 6 advancing to the Stanley Cup final. His pumped-up response after the win was a moment worth looking at.

What Is Ruth Bergevin’s Age?

Ruth Bergevin’s age appears to be around 40-50 years old.

From her appearance, we can assume she is a few years younger than her husband.

Her partner Marc is currently 55 years old; he was born on 11 August 1965.

Ruth Bergevin Family

Ruth and Marc together have a family of five.

They have three children together: Elle Bergevin, Wes Bergevin, and Rhett Bergevin.

Following their dad’s path, both Wes and Rhett are also professional ice hockey players.

Wes plays at the Montreal Canadiens; whereas, Rhett pays with the Hinsdale Central Hockey Club.

Is Ruth Bergevin On Instagram?

Unfortunately, Ruth has kept her personal life very private and hasn’t created any accounts on major social platforms like Instagram.

But her husband can be found on Instagram by the username @marc_bergevin. He has a huge fanbase with 14.2k followers with 213 posts shared on the handle.

His posts are mainly about the match days and training sessions of his ice hockey team. He doesn’t seem to have shared even a few pictures from his family to the public.

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