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Who is Niko Khale? Niko Khale Age, Net Worth, Keyshia Cole Boyfriend (How Old)
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Among all other blaring curiosities of your, one of them might be “Who is Niko Khale?” Well, we are here with relief aid, telling you every detail about Niko Khale including his age, net worth, and most importantly about his relationship with Billboard-topping singer and songwriter, Keyshia Cole.

Firstly putting some light in his professional career, we are going to explain who a boy actually is. Okay, Niko Khale is an emerging rapper, singer, songwriter, and businessman who is also widely known as a boyfriend of Keyshia Cole

Previously recognized with his moniker Ace Primo, he went against the mainstream and ditched his stage name by adopting back his original name as the reason for that strange step was he craved to make a legacy in the music industry with self-verification and acceptance.

A professional rapper, he has released numerous notable songs of his own on Apple Music and Spotify such as “Keep Swimming”, “Take It There”, “Merry Jane”, “Look at Me”, “Freedom Shall Be Mine”, “Sorry”, “Blessing”, and “On My Own”. He began his musical journey by posting his short videos on MySpace in 2005 and later started to upload on other social networking sites.

Currently, he has amassed intense followers on his social media accounts where there is no shortage of people who admire his music and hard work. Besides his passion for music, Khale also runs the eponymous website which features his music, fashion, and lifestyle.

Through his website, he also merchandises his fashion collection online that includes unisex clothing and “War Ready” printed Camo Print Tee, Dad Hat, crop-top, and hoodies. His website does free shipping all over the world for more than $250 dollar shopping.

Niko Khale Age – How Old Is Niko Khale?

Niko Khale’s current age is 23 as his Wiki mentions that the young hip-hop artist was born on 17 October 1995 in Washington, DC. A star-to-be, he has already gained notable fame through his ongoing hustle since his early age.

His dedication to music and fashion has landed him in the limelight that he even abandoned his stage name to present an authentic self of his creativity. Apart from his oozing talents, he is equally blessed with heart-robbing looks that could undoubtedly hypnotize millions of woman.

This 23-years-old Afro-American lad flaunts adorable dimples, intoxicating personality, and contagious smile. He has almond-shaped dark brown eyes, black hair, and dusky skin tone with a stylish beard.

Niko Khale Net Worth – $200 Thousand Dollars

Niko Khale’s estimated net worth is $200 thousand as of 2019 which he gathered by released his music. Besides, he also generated an extra sum of money by selling his fashion collection all over the world.

In addition, Khale also gets to enjoys get to enjoy the jaw-dropping net worth of $9.5 million of his girlfriend Keyshia Cole and lives a lavish lifestyle with her in Los Angeles, California.

Niko Khale – Keyshia Cole Boyfriend

Niko Khale is a boyfriend of Keyshia Cole who is a multi-talented diva in the American music and entertainment industry. The couple started dating in February 2018 and frequently started sharing pictures with each other on their social media accounts from their vacations to regular lifestyle.

The couple has also revealed that they are expecting a baby boy together through their respective Instagram and are completely excited to become parents.

While this is the first serious relationship of Khale, Keyshia was previously married to a former NBA star Daniel Gibson from 2011 to 2017. She also gave birth to a son named Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr. in March 2011, shortly after two months of their engagement.