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Who Is Naaman Zhou? Naaman Zhou Age, Height, Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend
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Naaman Zhou is an article writer and reporter. He is working at the Guardian Australia. His articles brought him to media attention. So here we have some information about him.

Who is Naaman Zhou?

Naaman Zhou is an Australian. His age is still a query. But, he seems a responsible man earning for whole family and him. Moreover, he also worked very hard to become a reporter at the Guardian News and media. Naaman worked in several places before joining the Australian Guardian. It’s a dream came true for him.

Additionally, he was just a simple article writer before. And now he is the nation most talented reporter. Naaman supports good and writes against bad.

Moreover, he is an ideal reporter everyone looks after. His work is admired in his country. His news is always a headline and many audiences follow him in many platforms like “Muck Rack”, “Honi Soit” and “Australia Guardian”.

Naaman Zhou Wiki

Naaman Zhou is a reporter mainly at the Guardian Australia. He is graduated from the University of Sydney. He is a bachelor degree holder in Laws (LLB) from 2013 till 2018. Moreover, he is also bachelorette in Arts (BA, English, and Literature) from 2013 to 2016.

Naaman Zhou is good at three languages. He knows Mandarin Chinese, Shanghainese and English. He is a native Shanghainese. Naaman is also as disciplined and controlled as every shanghai citizen.

About Naaman Zhou Career, He started his job from Honi Soit. He worked in the company during his university studies. He started as a reporter from January of 2014 until December of 2015. After that, he worked as an editor for a year until December of 2016.

Now, it was the phase of life when he joined the Gazette of Law and Journalism. He got the job of a reporter in such a prestigious place. He worked there for 9 months.

Then, he achieved his dream job appointment at “Guardian News & Media”. He is currently working there. He started there since December of 2016. It is already 2 years and 10 months of working experience there.

Additionally, he has a huge fan following on Twitter. He mostly updates his news from this platform. He wakes every day with amazing and inspiring news. Like the news below,

Naaman Zhou Age

Naaman’s age is a mystery for now. He is still a young energetic person. Moreover, he looks quite young in his twitter pictures.

Naaman Zhou Height

Naaman’s height is still a query which has no answers. Being a media person, he doesn’t seem to share his personal details at all.

Naaman Zhou Girlfriend

There is a piece of sad news for Naaman female fans that Naaman is not single. He is committed to his girlfriend. Moreover, his girlfriend’s name is still a secret to the fans.

Naaman Zhou Bio

Naaman is a self-dependent person living in Sydney, Australia. He lives with his parents. Naaman’s parent is still not available on the media platform. But I am sure they are proud of their son. Naaman who was a kid to them is now a reporter. Most of the Australians follow him.

Lastly, he is an inspiration to writers like us who wants to achieve so much in life.