Who Is Mommy Farmer On TikTok? Rebecca Pyle mommyfarmer Age And Net Worth

Who Is Mommy Farmer On TikTok? Rebecca Pyle mommyfarmer Age And Net Worth

Mommy Farmer is a farmer who is also a mom, working with more than 50 animals together at her farm. Let’s find out.

Mommy Farmer’s real name is Rebecca Pyle. The name mommy farmer is used in her every social media account.

Mommy farmer is a TikTok and is also a famous YouTube personality.

Name Rebeccan Pyle aka Mommy Farmer
Age 35-45
Gender Female
Nationality Americian
Profession TikToker
Married/Single Married
Husband Chris Pyle
Children 2
Tiktok @mommyfarmer
Youtube @Mommy Farmer

Who Is Mommy Farmer On TikTok?

Mommy Farmer is a famous TikTok and YouTuber. 

She has over 1.2 million followers in TikTok. Her likes counts are over 39.1 million. 

Her videos are all about her work on the farm and with her children. 

She likes to work on the farm and has over more than 50 animals on the farm. She has ducks, cats, goose, pigs, goats, and many more. 

Her farm is located in Missouri. She also offers a goat yoga class in the city of Kansas area.


Been so stressed lately but my children give me perspective in these beautiful moments

♬ In My Daughter’s Eyes – Martina McBride

What Is Mommy Farmer Age?

Mommy Farmer, aka Rebecca’s age, is around 35-45 years old.

Rebecca has not revealed her exact age as of now. She is found to be a mother and a farmer too.

Who Is Mommy Farmer Husband?

 Rebecca Pyle’s husband’s name is Chris Pyle

They both seem to be together for a very long period of time. 

The couple also has children together. It seems that she has a boy and a girl child. 

The couple works together and has brought back the Historical Twin Farm to life. All of Rebecca’s family live on the farm.

What Is Mommy Farmer Net Worth?

As of now, there is no information about Mommy Farmer’s net worth. 

She owns a farm and over 50 animals, and according to her videos, those are her only net worth. 

Other than that, they do not do any job and are not involved with any company except the Twin farm merch.

Her revenue also comes from her YouTube videos and TikTok videos. 


Everett's Farm Part 4 – Everett checks on our new baby goat, Vernon, & apparently thinks he's TikTok famous now ##kidstiktok ##babygoat ##SkipTheRinse

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