Who Is Mia Fevola Biological Father? Meet Alex Cheatham & her Step Dad Brendan Fevola

Who Is Mia Fevola Biological Father? Meet Alex Cheatham & her Step Dad Brendan Fevola

Mia Fevola is the daughter of Alex Cheatham who is an Australian entrepreneur and a digital influencer. Everything to know about Mia Fevola.

Mia Fevola is the first daughter of Alex Cheatham who has stayed together despite Alex’s divorce from her former husband. Later on, Mia joined Alex and  Brendan on their family journey.

Mia had an uneasy environment while she was growing up, after the separation between her mom and her biological father, she went through a heart-wrenching situation, however, she coped through those times and is now happy with her stepdad and her three younger sisters.

Despite all those hardships Mia worked diligently to bring out something purposeful from her life and is on the journey of making her business and her work successful.

Because of Mia’s fascinating background till now and her real father remaining unknown, people are curious to know about her biological father, mother, and stepdad Brendan Fevola.

Who Is Mia Fevola Biological Father? Learn About Her Mother Alex Cheatham

Although Mia Fevola has a gene of her biological father, he is yet anonymous. Though he gave birth to such a wonderful girl, no detailed information about him is put out on the internet.

However, we know much more things about her mother Alex Cheatham than her real father who married former AFL footballer Brendan Fevola at St John’s Church, Toorak on 7 October 2005 after her undisclosed detachment from her previous relationship.

After marrying Brendan, she was even apart from her new husband in the 14th month, but later on, they united and had three beautiful children, Leni, Lulu, and Tobi being the youngest.

Alex is a successful entrepreneur who sells Australian-made cosmetics through a company called Runway Room Cosmetics. Besides she is also a photographer, makeup artist, and model.

Get To Know About Mia’s Step Dad Brendan Fevola 

Mia’s stepdad quickly adopted her after he married her mother and nurtured Mia like her own daughter. Despite having four children, Brendan’s love for all is equally contributed.

Brendan Fevola is the former Australian rules footballer who played in the Australian football league for Carlton and Brisbane Lions football clubs. He was born on January 20, 1981, making him a 40-year-old man.

After his retirement, he too has turned into an entrepreneur who sells men’s skincare products from the company Mosh partnering with his friend Steven Baker.

How Old Is Mia Fevola? Her Age Details 

The age of digital influencer and model Mia Fevola is 21 years old. Until now she has had many ups and downs in her life but she is constantly penetrating her limitations and becoming the best of herself.

Mia stayed in a relationship with Daniel when she was 19, and after her sad breakup, she quickly got with a new boyfriend and a rising AFL star Jamarra Ugle-Hagan. But the rumors are initiating as she has even broken up with him too.

Mia Fevola Instagram Explored

Mia Fevola has an interesting fanbase and is followed by about 150k followers on her Instagram where she frequently puts numerous inspiring content and engages with her fans.

Besides she also has a Youtube channel subscribed by around 10.7k subscribers where she is seen making videos on her lifestyle and enjoying her hobbies.