Who Is Marcelo Ballardin Partner Dominik? Everything To Know About The Michelin Star Chef

Who Is Marcelo Ballardin Partner Dominik? Everything To Know About The Michelin Star Chef

Marcelo Ballardin partner Dominik D’hooge opened a restaurant, Oak, to extend their business adventure. Learn more about the star chef’s age, net worth, and Instagram.

Marcelo Ballardin is a Michelin Star Chef from Belgium. Marcelo Ballardin, who is best known for his restaurant Pure C, is highly passionate about cooking.

He has an Italian style with a spiciness from Asia. His goal is to provide food that is both honest and flawless to his guests. Every dish appears to be a miniature work of art.

Who Is Marcelo Ballardin Partner Dominik?

Dominik is also a famous chef, similar to his business partner Marcelo Ballardin.

Marcelo Ballardin along with his business partner Dominik started a restaurant at Hoogstraat, Ghent.

Because Marcelo and his business partner Dominik D’hooge want to create a pleasant and relaxed ambience with a primary and nature-inspired décor, the restaurant has only 20 seats.

“Back to nature” is the inspiration for the restaurant’s name, OAK.

The restaurant has only recently opened, and the entrance’s beautification work is not yet complete. 

However, once inside, customers are greeted by the chef and his team, and you immediately sense genuine hospitality. This restaurant is going to be a place where you can have a good time. 

Both the chefs may occasionally appear from his open kitchen to serve some of the dishes themselves. Then they have the opportunity to elaborate on what they have prepared for their visitors.

Marcelo Ballardin Wiki Details

Marcelo Ballardin has not been featured on the official page of Wikipedia.

Marcelo is half-Italian and half-Brazilian. He put his biology studies on hold four years ago to pursue his passion for hospitality at the London Cordon Bleu School.

His excitement led him to a lot of spectacular mansions for internships and employment assignments.

1 Lombard Street in London, Hertog Jan in Bruges, Geranium Copenhagen, Oud Sluis, and Dinner by Heston in London were places he visited.

He worked as a ‘food developer’ at Pure C in Cadzand for two years, developing new recipes for chef Syrco Bakker.

Given this fantastic experience round, he seems to be looking forward to the Oak adventure.

Marcelo Ballardin Age

Marcelo Ballardin appears to be in his mid-thirties.

However, his exact age and date of birth have not been divulged to the public as of now.

Marcelo Ballardin Net Worth

Marcelo Ballardin is not known and is currently under review.

However, the restaurant Oak only open for one month was already a success back in 2014. The restaurant was reserved and fully booked for the first six months of the opening.

Hence, we can assume he has grasped a pretty good net worth and lives a lavish and happy life.

Marcelo Ballardin Instagram Explored

Marcelo Ballardin is on Instagram as @oak_gent.

He has a good following of 23.3k members on his official Instagram account, and he is an active member of Instagram with a total of 553 posts to date.