Who is Marc Zartarian? Lena Kasparian SAS Boyfriend and Abusive Past

Who is Marc Zartarian? Lena Kasparian SAS Boyfriend and Abusive Past

In a domestic violence altercation, Lena Kasparian stabbed her former boyfriend, Marc Zartarian, to his death in 2011.

Lena Kasparian is a fashion designer and well-known stylist based in Australia.

Lena is one of the contestants in SAS Australia: Hells Week, where she will be taking on an extreme SAS course for one week.

During the first episode, the Australian recalled her horrific experience with her then-boyfriend Marc Zartarian.

In 2011, Kasparian stabbed and killed her boyfriend in self-defense during domestic violence incident.

The fashion designer can be seen bursting with tears as she talked to SAS Australia’s Ant Middleton and Jason Fox about the incident.

Since the episode, people have been curious to know more about her past life; however, in this article, we will talk about her ex-boyfriend Marc Zartarian instead.

Who is Marc Zartarian? Wiki & Bio Explored

Marc Zartarian was the boyfriend of Lena Kasparian. Marc’s information seems limited on the internet as his bio is not featured on Wiki.

Zatarian was the abusive partner of Lena, whom she killed during a domestic violence altercation.

Marc was 33 years old during the incident.

Before the incident, the couple used to live in Wetherill Park home since November 2010.

In 2011, after returning home from attending a party, the drunken boyfriend started abusing Kasparian and hitting her with a saucepan in front of her children.

To protect her children, she held a knife in her chest, and while Marc lunged toward him, it penetrated his chest.

Due to injuries, Marc succumbed to injuries after struggling six days in the hospital to survive.

On May 6, 2011, he died and was laid in Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium in NSW.

The murder case soon got national attention, and since then, Lena has been in the spotlight regularly.

Lena Kasparian Nationality And Ethnicity

Lena Kasparian belongs to Australian nationality; however, her ethnicity is still unknown.

Kasparian looks like someone from the Mid-Eastern region of the world, as we know that her late boyfriend was of Lebanese descent.

According to @Yahoo, Lena is 42 years old and is one of the contestants in SAS Australia: Hells Week.

The exact details of Lena’s date of birth are not revealed to the public.

The Sydney-based fashion designer was all over the news in 2011 after she killed her boyfriend during an altercation.

The court didn’t charge her with murder as she stabbed her drunken partner to protect her two children and herself.