meet Lisa Roughead: Michael Carrick Wife- Her Instagram Explored

meet Lisa Roughead: Michael Carrick Wife- Her Instagram Explored

Who is Lisa Roughead? She is best celebrated as the wife of Michael Carrick, the former football player. What is her age? Let’s find it out.

She besides being praised as the wife of a former footballer expertly, Lisa is a Pilates instructor.

Talking about Roughead’s academics, she reportedly has a business degree.

Only sporadic information about Lisa is within easy reach.

However, we’ve created a brief biography consolidating the snippets of information.

Who Is Michael Carrick Wife Lisa Roughead? 

Lisa Roughead is best appreciated as the wife of Michael Carrick, one of the most decorated footballers.

Michael is a former footballer who currently functions as a proficient manager at Manchester United.

Lisa and Michael married on the 16th of June, 2007, in Wymondham, Leicestershire.

The husband-wife duo had been together for a long time before exchanging the wedding vows.

Carrick and Roughead reportedly started dating a long time back since they were at school.

Allegedly, they attended the Burnside Community High School as pupils.

Thus far, the couple shares a daughter, Louise, and a son, Jacey, together.

The bonding and togetherness of the couple are admired by many.

Previously, the footballer played for Manchester United for over a decade, i.e., 12 years.

During his time in Manchester United, Michael Carrick played as a central midfielder.

Reportedly, he also served as an emergency center-back under Louis van Gaal, Alex Ferguson, and more.

The English football manager kicked off his football career at West Ham United in 1997.

What Is Lisa Roughead Age And Height? 

Talking about Lisa Roughead’s age, it remains concealed at this moment in time.

We assume she must associate with the age scope of somewhere between 35-45 years old.

The exact age of the wife of Michael Carrick, Lisa Roughead, is unknown to the public.

Whereas Michael Carrick’s age by all accounts is 40 years at the moment.

Insights in regards to the former Manchester United player’s birthday include the 28th of July, 1981.

Roughead must also be of her husband’s age, for they were together since school.

Correspondingly, Lisa Roughead’s height is also undetermined so far on the web.

If we anyhow happened to guess, she most likely will associate with 5 feet 8 inches.

Likewise, Roughead’s husband Michael stands at the tallness of 6 feet 2 inches.

Lisa Roughead Family

Little to no information about Lisa Roughead’s family is within easy reach presently.

Regardless of being under media scrutiny, she has succeeded in keeping her privacy from the web.

Sooner or later, we will update them on her family and background after getting information from reliable sources.

Lisa Roughead Instagram

Unfortunately, Lisa Roughead’s Instagram handle is unapproachable on the web.

Michael is dynamic on Instagram; however, thus far, he hasn’t tagged her on the platform.

Besides Insta, Roughead isn’t available across several platforms like Twitter and more.

The Pilates instructor seems to prefer low life on social media and loves her privacy.

Whereas her husband is a public figure with a massive number of adherents on his social handles.