Who Is Lester Thomas? Claudia Webbe Partner & Husband, Are They Married?

Who Is Lester Thomas? Claudia Webbe Partner & Husband, Are They Married?

Claudia Webbe, the British politician, was found guilty of harassing her partner’s Lester Thomas female friend.

Claudia Webbe is a British politician serving as an MP for Leicester East.

Claudia is the first female Member of Parliament Leicester East. Webbe got elected to Parliament for the Labour party in 2019. But was suspended after a case against her of harassment.

56 year old was found guilty of harassing a woman, friend of her partner Lester Thomas.

The MP threatened and harassed the woman for at least 2 years from 2018 to 2020. The British politician might face a possible jail sentence for the offense.

Who Is Lester Thomas?

Lester Thomas is the partner of Claudia Webbe.

According to LinkedIn, Lester is the senior scout of Chelsea Football Club. Thomas completed his schilling from St. Paul’s Way.

It seems there aren’t many personal details on him available on the internet.

However, the football scout is all over the news for his partner Claudia’s harassment cases.

Webbe threatened and harassed Thomas’s female friend name, Michelle Merritt for which, she was found guilty.

The MP threatened to release Michelle’s nudes and harassing her through a string of silent phone calls.

Is Claudia Webbe Married? Meet Claudia Webbe Partner & Husband

Claudia Webbe doesn’t have a husband as she is not married yet. Weebe is in a relationship with her partner Lester Thomas.

However, it seems they are in a relationship for quite a long time. There isn’t any information about their relationship timeline. 

Thomas is not active on social media, making it more difficult to dig out more details on him.

Claudia is found guilty of harassing and threatening a woman, Michelle Merritt.

Lester dated Michelle in the past but they broke off and remained friends ever since.

Webbe insecurity made her harassed the women through the phones from 2018 to 2020.

How Old is Lester Thomas?

Lester Thomas looks slightly old than his partner Claudia Webbe. However, Lester’s exact age is not revealed to the public yet.

Neither, his date of birth is available on the internet, nor his social media gives any clue.

It looks like Thomas is a private individual, hence, there isn’t much on him on the internet.

However, judging from his recent pictures, he looks around 50-60 years old.

Claudia’s present age is 56 years old, born on March 8, 1965, in Leicester, England.