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Who is Lanto Griffin Girlfriend Maya? Details on Lanto’s Earnings, Wife and Net Worth
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After the emotional victory in the Houston Open, Lanto Griffin couldn’t resist dedicating his family and girlfriend Maya.

5 Fast Facts on Golfer Lanto Griffin

  • Lanto Griffin has a girlfriend name, Maya Brown. However, they are not married.
  • His net worth is over $2 million and his career earnings are in millions. Recently, he pursed $7.5 million from Houston Open.
  • Lanto’s wife to be Maya Brown is an attorney.
  • Lanto Griffin’s age is 31. He was born on June 15, 1988.
  • Likewise, he is 1.9 m tall in height and weighs 86 Kg.

Lanto is a PGA Tour professional golfer. He has been in the professional world for almost a decade now. However, the real highlight of his career is the most recent Houston Open on October 13, 2019.

After his close victory topping the leaderboard against S. Harrington, he has been breaking into the headlines.

During the post-tournament presentation, he was all emotional. With tears rolling down his eyes, he talked about his family and girlfriend who had always supported him during the course of his career.

Follow through to know more about his earnings, salary, and more personal details.

Lanto Griffin and Maya Brown – Who is his Girlfriend?

Lanto Griffin has had the spotlight due to his mesmerizing career. He has accumulated an established fan base through his work.

Besides, he also has some personal life and matters to dig into. That includes his lovely girlfriend Maya Brown.

There are no details on how they met or had that peaky connection. Although, it’s obvious that the couple is totally into each other.

That makes sense considering the sacrifices they make to always be there for each other. For instance, Maya flew all the way to the Houston Open to support her boyfriend.

She was behind the ropes cheering for her other half. Maya Brown is an attorney by profession. In fact, she works in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Despite the career differences, they have been able to keep their relationship intact and strong. They even appear together in social media accounts and handles.

Their differences in height may fool everyone but that ain’t disturbing their relationship a bit.

Lanto Griffin just pursed 7.5 million after Houston Open – his earnings

Lanto Griffin has been in the sports for more than a decade now. Just like many others, he has made his way through the ups and downs in his career.

It’s quite clear that he has made sustainable fame for himself. Besides, he has also thrown himself into the list of those hefty earners.

To date, he has 5 major tournaments wins under his belt. He won the Korn Ferry Tour and pursed more than a million for his victory.

Likewise, he has 2 other major tournament wins that include Open Copa NEC in 2015. Through the victory, he pocketed the amount in millions.

The real breakthrough came from his extraordinary start to the season of 2019-20. He won Houston Open to bag the first PGA Tour victory.

After the win, he pursed $7.5 million. Judging through the amount, he has earned the numbers shy to millions in his career.

Is he married? his wife

There are no details on his past relationships and marriage. However, as per multiple sources, the 31-year has never walked down the aisle.

As mentioned earlier, he is in a serious relationship with his girlfriend Maya. The fans are eager to hear the good news about their engagement.

Judging through their closeness, they are meant to have each other. Let’s just hope they feel it too near future.

Lanto griffin has $2 million in his name – his net worth

As of 2019, his net worth is under review. However, the amount is expected to be in 6 figures. As a matter of fact, after his victory in Houston Open, he has rocketed the amount.

According to, his net worth in 2018 was $800,000. His 2019-20 campaign is the best of his career. So, the amount has reached millions.