Kieran Logendra Age - How Old Is He? Facts We Know About The Cast Of Avoidance

Kieran Logendra who plays the role of Spencer in Avoidance ( Source : Radiotimes )

Child actor Kieran Logendra has made an impression on the audience by starring in the BBC drama, Avoidance with his authentic performance.

Logendra shared the screen with some of the best actors in the industry, but most of all, the actor did a great job despite it being his debut as a child actor.

So, let us learn more about the child actor, his age, Wikipedia bio, parents, and ethnicity.

Who Is Kieran Logendra?

Kieran Logendra is a young British Tamil child actor who starred in the BBC comedy-drama show, Avoidance. The child actor has done an excellent job portraying the role of Spencer in the drama.

Spencer is the son of the lead character, Jonathan, with severe conflict avoidance issues where he decides to run away with his son instead of telling him the news about his divorce from his wife.

Romesh Ranganathan plays his father's role, and the father-son duo has won the audience's hearts with great comedic lines and timing from both actors.

The show, along with his brilliant cast, consists of drama and comedy but is deep in that it helps people understand the importance of communication within the family and the misunderstanding that and avoiding situations may cause in relationships.

With 6.3 out of 10 IMDb ratings, the drama reached the audience's hearts, and the little star, Kieran, has definitely left an impression on the audience with his exemplary performance.

Kieran Logendra's Age And Wikipedia Bio

Kieran Logendra's age is not yet revealed to the public, but he looks around ten years old based on his appearance since he does not have a Wikipedia bio yet.

In the BBC drama Avoidance, the child actor's character, Spencer, is nine years old, so he must be around the same age as well.

The British Tamil actor made his first TV debut with his role as Spencer in Avoidance, which aired on June 10, 2022, on BBC.

Kieran Logendra and Romesh Ranganathan in the first episode of Avoidance
Kieran Logendra and Romesh Ranganathan in the first episode of Avoidance ( Source : Instagram )

Logendra has starred in some TV commercials in the past, with the BBC drama being his first big break in the acting industry, and the young actor has done a great job thus far.

To be sharing the screen with some of the big names in the acting industry like Romesh Ranganathan must have been a great learning experience for the young actor.

Kieran Logendra Parents & Ethnicity Explored

Kieran Logendra's parents have not disclosed their names to the media yet, and his ethnicity is not much clear either, but they are supporting their young son to become an actor and achieve his dream.

Based on his looks and the dynamics of the movie, Kieran is a British actor with Tamil or Indian roots from his parents.

The young actor has recently stepped into the world of acting, with the BBC drama being his first on-screen role, so more information about the young actor will circulate on the internet later with the rise of Logendra's fame.

For now, the actor had a great learning experience with one of the biggest South Asian names in the industry, Romesh Ranganathan as his on-screen father in the drama series.

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