Who Is Julianna Margulies’ Mother Francesca Gardner Margulies?

Who Is Julianna Margulies’ Mother Francesca Gardner Margulies?

Julianna Margulies’ mother Francesca Gardner Margulies previously worked as a ballet dancer. Continue below to explore Francesca’s Wikipedia.

Francesca Gardner Margulies is the mother of famous actress Julianna Margulies. 

Francesca is a Jewish woman. She is very old now and is not a media personality now.

Name Francesca Gardner Margulies
Age 80-90
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Ballet Dancer
Married/Single Widowed
Husband Paul Margulies (Deceased)
Children 2

Who Is Julianna Margulies’ Mother Francesca Gardner Margulies?

Francesca Gardner Margulies is a former ballet dancer who got retired a long time ago. She was also a Eurythmy teacher.

Francesca got married to Paul Margulies, her husband. Julianna has never talked much about her mother

Paul used to be an American writer, philosopher. He was also the advertising executive of Madison Avenue.

Both the couple were jews. They were the descendent of Jewish immigrants from different countries. 

Francesca Gardner Margulies is now a very old lady who is not seen on any kind of television series or big screen.

Francesca Gardner Margulies’s Wikipedia

Francesca Gardner Margulies doesn’t have a profile on Wikipedia. 

Even her biography does not mention on any of the web pages. 

It is like the world had forgotten about the famous ballet dance and a mother of a famous actress. 

Where Is Francesca Gardner Margulies’s Family: Alive?

There are few family members of Francesca Gardner Margulies alive as of now. 

Francesca Gardner Margulies seems to be in her 80’s or 90’s. 

But, her husband passed away a long time ago. She has only her two children left with her. 

Francesca has two of her beloved daughters named Julianna and Alexandra Margulies. Moreover, she also has a grandchild name Kieran Lindsay Lieberthal.

Julianna is a famous actress and producer who is famous all over Hollywood. She got married to Keith Lieberthal in 2007.

Talking about her second daughter, there is not much information available about her.

There was also the rumor of her having a third daughter, which is still a mystery for many.