Who Is Journalist Andrew Plant From BBC? Everything To Know

Who Is Journalist Andrew Plant From BBC? Everything To Know

 British journalist Andrew Plant is an interesting figure. His face indicates a middle-aged man; however, his hair completely disagrees with this fact.

Andrew Plant is a British Journalist.

He has been a member of the BBC for a long time. He covers the news from different spots around the world.

The reason for his popularity is his journalism expertise. Andrew’s love for the channel and his profession made people obliged to know more about him.

For you, we present all the facts that will clear your queries regarding Andrew Plant. Let us discuss his life in detail.

Name Andrew Plant
Age 35-45
Gender Male
Nationality British
Profession Journalist
Salary Above £80,000. 
Twitter @Beebjournalist

Andrew Plant Age

Andrew Plant appears to fall in the age group of 35-45.

The birth date of  Andrew is not revealed. Surprisingly, there are no birthday posts of Andrew Plant.

However, we did a rough estimation of his age by going through his photographs online.

Andrew Plant Wikipedia

While most of the journalists are featured on Wikipedia, oddly, Andrew’s official Wikipedia is not published.

But we have summarized his life events and details to date.

Andrew Plant is British by birth. His parent’s details are not revealed. We found his morality and character to be good, on this fact we can say he comes from a literate family.

He did his high schooling at Swaversey College. He studied at Nottingham Trent University. He received his Master’s Degree in Journalism in 2004. 

Right after his Master’s, he got his first job ITV Central News. The minute he quit this job, he secured a vacancy in BBC news. 

Plant worked as a video journalist for 4 years. In 2010 he was upgraded to a senior Broadcast journalist.

At present, Andrew is the reporter of BBC world news. His career ahead is fantastic. He is on Twitter under the name of @Beebjournalist.

Is Andrew Plant Married?

Andrew Plant’s wife is yet to be publicly acknowledged.

Since his arrival, his love life is confidential. 

His social media indicates he is single at the moment. This fact cannot be supported, hence, marriage life is a mystery.

Andrew Plant Net Worth

Andrew Plant’s net worth is also not accounted for.

As per prospectsuk, the salary of a seasoned journalist is more than £80,000. 

Based on Andrew’s popularity We assume, he has a salary of more than £80,000.