Who Is Joe Salanitri? Meet The Member Of The Famous Comedy Group Sushi Mango

Who Is Joe Salanitri? Meet The Member Of The Famous Comedy Group Sushi Mango

The famous comedian from Sushi Mango, Joe Salanitri, seems to be 30-35 years old. Let us learn more about him in detail.

Joe Salinitri is a comedian from Australia.

Similarly, he has a long history in the industry, with appearances on television, radio, and the big screen.

Further, he is also a part of the well-known comedy group Sushi Mango, known for having a good time on stage. They entertain their audience by not taking themselves too seriously.

Joe Salanitri Age: How Old Is He?

Joe Salanitri seems to fall under the age group of 30-35 years old.

Furthermore, he has worked in comedy for almost 20 years as per the information available.

However, his verified age and date of birth remain confidential for now.

Joe Salanitri Wikipedia And Bio

Joe Salanitri does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page for himself, but he is on the Wikipedia page for Sushi Mango.

Similarly, he does have his biography website, where he has written a few of his personal and professional information.

Likewise, Joe has performed at all central locations and has successfully maintained a strong presence on stage.

He currently performs all over Australia and previous shows overseas in Europe, America, and Asia.

Insight On Joe Salanitri Wife Or Girlfriend

Joe Salanitri has never discussed anything related to his wife or girlfriend.

However, he had made a quiet picture of his two daughters on his Instagram account, hinting that he is married.

However, we lack information on his wife’s and daughter’s names.

If he ever addresses this subject, we will tell you as quickly as possible.

Is He On Instagram?

We can find Joe Salanitri on Instagram under the handle @joesalanitri.

With roughly 94.4k followers on his account, he seems pretty active on the platform, posting frequently.

Further, he has gone into character mode to inspire newcomers, as he often uploads Instagram clips, and people love it.

Joe has other available platforms, which you can find on linktr.ee.