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Who Is Joaquin Antonio Consuelos? Joaquin Antonio Consuelos Age and Height Update
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Who is Joaquin Antonio Consuelos? ABC’s All My Children alum Kelly Ripa no longer has to stalk her kids as her youngest brood Joaquin Antonio Consuelos also turned 16 this year.

To honor his special 16th birthday, the proud parent took on the Instagram and posted cute pics of their all-grown-up lad along with some of his childhood snaps and heartfelt note of how blessed they were to have him all these years.

Joaquin Antonio Consuelos, 16 more often recognized as a teenage son of talk show host Kelly Ripa and actor Mark Consuelos is far from making a significant name and career in the industry and lately, he has been working on his academics.

Joaquin Antonio Consuelos Age – 16

Born on February 24, 2003, Kelly Ripa’s little bundle of joy Joaquin Antonio Consuelos is all grown-up with a reported current age of 16.

And if anyone’s delighted of him turning to 16 then it’s his mom Kelly who couldn’t hide her gaiety and took on the social media to gush how incredibly amazing her boy is.

However, it’s not just the TV host who believes that Joaquin, 16 has turned to look magical with breathtaking looks and exquisiteness with the passing time.

The New York native Consuelos look like a vision in his dreamy looks with a boyish charm, expressive brown eyes, and regal demeanor instilled by the proud parents.

For a high schooler, the sense of style and fashion ensemble Joaquin brings on the screen is just hard to believe.

But seem like the guy has taken after his mom Ripa as long as fashion and style are concerned, the 16-years-old is often pictured in some cool outfits traded from a high-fashion New York store and designer couture.

Joaquin Antonio Consuelos Height Update

Ripa’s youngest offspring Joaquin Antonio Consuelos has definitely grown-up as he acts more sensible and matured now.

Just like his siblings, Michael, 21 and Lola, 17, he has been showing some serious concerned towards his family and education lately.

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Waiting patiently……….sort of 🎄🎁

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It’s hard to overlook the fact that the little one has also been taking great care of his looks and appearance having often probed different styles and finest looks that best suits him.

In fact, his couture choices crammed with a trendy outfit has outcast the style of his dad and brother who is an alma mater of New York University.

Standing at an attractive height for age 16, the brown-haired chap Joaquin Antonio Consuelos often steps out in his best self with a classy ensemble that elevates his entire look and personality.

Being Spanish on his father side, Joaquin does reflect trademark physical traits and facial features from the country. He looks absolutely phenomenal just like his actor dad who has kept himself fit and in incredible shape even at his late 40s.

Likewise, Joaquin mom Kelly Ripa, an actress-dancer and talk show host best accredited as a co-presenter of morning talk show ‘Live! with Kelly and Ryan’ has also maintained her physique and looks all these years.

At age 48, she continues to exude Hollywood glamour and exquisiteness looking forever young and charming.