Who Is Jesse Sloan? Carrie Ann Inaba Ex Fiance, Is DWTS Judge Ever Married?

Who Is Jesse Sloan? Carrie Ann Inaba Ex Fiance, Is DWTS Judge Ever Married?

Jess Sloan is the ex-fiance of Carrie Ann Inaba, who is the judge of Dancing With The Stars. Here is everything about Jess Sloan.

Jess Sloan professionally is an accountant who met Carrie Ann Inaba via an online dating platform; since then, they have been together for some time, but things did not work between them, and they have to be separate from each other.

During the couple’s union, Jess and Carrie were loved by the people more than they loved themselves. However, fans were astonished hearing the news about thier breakup.

Jess Sloan is not as famous as Carrie, although he stayed in a relationship with her for some time, and there is not much information about him on the web. 

So, people are curious to know about Jess Sloan and his age, job, net worth, and other personal details about him.

Who Is Jess Sloan? Meet Carrie Ann Inaba Ex Fiance

Jess Sloan is a pretty older adult who was once engaged with the judge of DWTS, Carrie Ann Inaba. As of now, Jess is the ex-partner of Carrie Ann Inaba.

Jess and Carrie met through an online dating platform, eHarmony. After sharing some sweet conversations, Carrie felt that she knew Jess already. 

However, Jess proposed to Carrie in a live tv show in front of thousands of people when he got down on one knee and expressed his feelings. Finally, he asked her to marry him that day.

That day, Carrie also accepted the proposal and said yes, but after staying together for some time, she stated that the wedding was off and she was single again.

Carrie has already engaged two times and has dated multiple people, but this time it seems like she is not married yet; however, she posts pictures with her friends on her Instagram.

How Old Is Jess Sloan? His Age Details

Jess Sloan seems to be around 45 to 55 years of age; this is only the estimation based on his appearance. Jess was still older when he dated Carrie back in 2010.

Jess’s age did not stop him from engaging with Carrie; instead, he made her fall for him through his loving and caring nature. We might guess how good Jess is, but who knows what went wrong between the two. 

But the two seem happy nowadays and are living a pleasant life with their own family.

Jess Sloan Job And Net Worth Explored 

Revealed in many sources, it was public that Jess Sloan was an accountant when he came into the spotlight while dating Carrie, but he might have retired or even turned into an entrepreneur.

Jess might have a net worth of about 1 million to around 5 million dollars, or he might even be much richer than we think as there are not many details publicly about his net worth.