Who Is Helena Bailey? Get To Know Miss Helena Romper Room And Wife Of Late Mike Bailey

Who Is Helena Bailey? Get To Know Miss Helena Romper Room And Wife Of Late Mike Bailey

Meet the wife of Mike Bailey, Helena Bailey, also known as ‘Miss Helena’ from the popular Romper Room show. 

Helena Bailey is the wife of Mike Bailey, also known for her tv show ‘Romper Room.’

Mike Bailey was a journalist, presenter, politician, and rugby football enthusiast as well.

He was known for presenting weather news in ABC Sydney since forever.

He also presented weather news for Sydney’s Channel 7. Mike passed away a couple of days ago

Who Is Mike Bailey Wife Helena Bailey?

Helena Bailey, the wife of Mike Bailey, married 35 years ago in 1986. They celebrate their marriage anniversary on 17th May.

Unfortunately, Mike Bailey passed away on 20th June 2021 due to health complications.

Bailey was resting on a hospital bed, suffering from a coma until he died.

Entire Australian citizens are shaken by the news and sending their condolences to the Bailey family. She has one son, Michael Bailey.

Mike was also a guest lecturer at Macleay College. As a rugby football enthusiast, he was a deep supporter of the club Western Suburbs Magpies. Later on, he also became the chairman of the West Tigers. 

Known for ‘Romper Room,’ which is an international franchise TV show. The show was for small kids and presented comedy episodes hosted by a ‘Miss.’ 

Helena was the hostess of the Australian version of the show. Hence, the name Miss Helena. The show ran until 1996. 

The show aired on Channel 7, the same channel where Mike worked.

The couple were work colleagues before. The Baileys live in Sydney, New South Wales.

Helena Bailey Age: How Old Is She?

Helena Bailey’s age is somewhere around 70-75 years old in between. 

Unfortunately, there aren’t verified birth details of Bailey on the web. 

What Is Helena Bailey Net Worth?

Helena Bailey’s net worth, too, isn’t presented on the web.

Since Helena and Mike had one son, we can assume that Mike’s properties have been inherited by their son Michael. 

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