Who Is Giorgia Giacobetti? Everything On Valeria Fabrizi Daughter

Who Is Giorgia Giacobetti? Everything On Valeria Fabrizi Daughter

Giorgia Giacobetti is the PR and an event organizer, who is the daughter of the two greatest artists, Valeria Fabrizi and Tata.

Giorgia Giacobetti is an expert communicator. She is the owner of her own agency of Giorgia Giacobetti Comunicazione. 

Her company is now the leader in its field and in that sector nationally. She has business all over the world.

Name Giorgia Giacobetti
Birthday 1965
Age 56
Gender Female
Nationality Italian
Profession Event Manager
Parents Tata Giacobetti/ Valeria Fabrizi
Married/Single Single
Instagram @giorgiagiacobetti

Who Is Valeria Fabrizi Daughter Giorgia Giacobetti?

Giorgia Giacobetti is the daughter of the most famous lovely couple in the industry.

Giorgia Giacobetti’s father name was Tata Giacobetti. And her mother name is Valeria Fabrizi. 

Her father Tata Giacobetti was one of the members of the Cetra Quartet. He was also a singer, bassist, and lyricist Italian. 

Her mother Valeria Fabrizi is an actor, singer, and television personality. She started her acting career in 1956 and is still popular now. 

Giorgia Giacobetti’s father passed away in 1988. The reason for death was a myocardial infarction. 

After Giorgia’s father’s died, she became very close to her mother. Her affection and bond with her mother can be seen everywhere they are together.

There is a song of the Quartetto Cetra. It s dedicated to Valeria Fabrizi in Canzone Segreta. It is a song that reminded Valeria Fabrizi about her husband.

Giorgia Giacobetti Wikipedia

Giorgia Giacobetti doesn’t have a Wikipedia as of now. 

She is still a shy girl according to her mother. This is the reason she is not in the limelight of her mother.

Giorgia’s shyness has not stopped her from being successful and independent. She is the owner of an international agency founded in 2005.

Earlier she worked at the“ Maurizio Costanzo Show “.  She was entrusted in 1989, with the role of head of the entertainment and showbusiness sector. 

She worked there for 12 years. She took care o the “ Maurizio Costanzo Show “, one of Mediaset’s flagship programs.

How Old Is Giorgia Giacobetti?

Giorgia Giacobetti’s age is now 56 years old. 

She was born in the year 1965. She has not revealed her exact age. 

There is a possibility of not having a real original date of birth. 

Giorgia Giccabetti is a beautiful woman with a very good physic and body. 

Is Giorgia Giacobetti On Instagram?

Giorgia Giacobetti’s Instagram has more than 3.5K followers. 

Her Instagram account is by the name @giorgiagiacobetti. Her Instagram has more than 992 posts and she is following 763 peoples. 

She also has her own website which deals with her business work. 

Other than Instagram she doesn’t use any other social media.

Does Giorgia Giacobetti Have A Boyfriend?

Giorgia Giacobetti doesn’t have a dating history, so she is a single lady as of now.

Giorgia Giacobetti now seems to be hiding about her dating life.  She has not revealed anything about it till now. 

She seems to be too busy with her work. 

There is no past relationship with Giorgia. This says that she is single.