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Gerald Lunz is a gay Canadian TV personality who has written masterpiece TV series in his career.

Gerald Lunz is widely known in the Canadian TV industry. He has produced and written marvelous series. In some of the TV series he has created, he has cast his partner as well.

Who is Gerald Lunz?

Gerald Lunz is a famous show creator, writer, and producer.

Many Canadian fans and viewers enjoyed the television series he created. Not only in Canada but many people worldwide has also appreciated his work.

A Canadian TV producer has also been nominated for many awards. He has achieved Canadian Screen Award for Best Comedy Series in past time.

Gerald Lunz Age – Unknown


Gerald Lunz is a private person and has kept almost all of his personal details away from the reach of media.

Though he was open about his sexuality, later on, there is no sign of him opening up about his upbringing and parent information.

Gerald Lunz Wiki – A Canadian

Gerald Lunz hails from Hamilton, Ontario which is in Canada.  This is the only piece of information about his past life.

There are no details on the school and universities he went to and so.

He likes his private space and does not like to share it with the world about his private matters. He is completely inactive on social accounts.

The first series that he produced was “This Hour Has 22 Minutes”, which was released in 1992. After that since 2004, when he produced TV series ‘Monday Report’, he has not produced any of TV series.

Gerald Lunz Partner Rick Mercer

Gerald Lunz is a gay Canadian producer and is in a relationship with his partner Rick Mercer since 1990.

Their love history backs around 20 years ago. They have been living a happy life together since then. In the beginning, they both face huge controversies and troubles, but as time passed they were spotted together openly in many award functions and other events.

His partner Rick Mercer has worked with him in the TV series he has produced such as The Industry and Rick was a writer at his first produced Tv series.

They were together in Tv business, so from there they began loving each other.

There is no information and news about them getting married anytime soon. Also, there is no data of them adopting a child or so as well.

Gerald Lunz Height, 5’7”

Gerald Lunz has a height of 5 feet 7 inch.

He appears quite old and of more age than his partner. He has got white hair and appears with glasses in front of the media.

Gerald Lunz Net Worth – $6 Million Dollars 

Gerald Lunz a talented Canadian TV producer has an estimated net worth of $6 million dollars.

From the series he created from the past he has been able to earn a huge amount of fortune. He has won huge recognition in Canada as well in other parts of the world from his work.

Besides his Canadian actor and writer partner has also got nice earnings.