What Happened To Gary Fahey From SAS? AFP Fallen Cop Story Explained

What Happened To Gary Fahey From SAS? AFP Fallen Cop Story Explained

Gary Fahey, the ex-head of security for former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, has exposed himself on how he misspend $1.7million on a gambling addiction during an interrogation on Tuesday’s SAS Australia TV programme.

Gary worked the federal police for 18 and a half years in a very prominent position. He confessed in the TV programme about misusing the government-corporate credit card between August 2015 to November 2016.

He had a long history of about a 10-year gambling addiction that made him lose $1.7million as he struggled with depression. 

AFP: Who Is Gary Fahey Cop From SAS?

Gary Fahey is 44 years old and worked 18.5 years with the Australian Federal Police(AFP).

Fahey holds a Masters Degree and qualifications in Health Science, expertise in Strategic Intervention and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

But fighting back from losing almost $2million, his career and his reputation would teach him more than formal education ever could.

When he was 30, he was provided with the protection team for the Australian Prime Minister.

Moreover, progressing on with experience at the 38, he was well deserved for the office of the Australian Federal Police Commissioner.

He kept his struggles with depression and gambling in the dark for almost ten years, which led his life in a self-destruction mode.

Gary Fahey Son Wife & Family

Gary Fahey is living with his four-year-long relationship partner, Cruelly. According to the published news in the courier mail, 

he is happy to accept Cruelly as a family along with her son.

Furthermore, he confessed that he had lost his family due to a destructive habit pattern of gambling and unorganised life.

The exact details of his family are yet to be published. 

However, Fahey is honoured to be accepted into the ANZMHA family. It is an organisation that helps and understands mental health issues worldwide, especially in Australia and New Zealand.

It is an Australian and New Zealand mental health organisation.

He received it with honour when he was offered to act as an ambassador for ANZMHA.

As an association, ANZMHA is committed to building understanding, support and networks; the ANZMHA is central to providing a platform for many resources.

He stated that it is exciting to use his story to help build and develop these networks and create a greater reach for the work of the ANZMHA.

Gary Fahey Net Worth

Though Gary made himself broke with his gambling habit and even used the government money.

Gary is back on track, an ambassador of ANZMHA and coaches other people to gain physical and mental wellness. He is living a decent lifestyle.

Fahey lost around $1.7 million, including $45,000 taxpayer money directly taken from an AFP-issued corporate credit card.