Who Is Edward Ruttle? Everything To Know About The Actor

Who Is Edward Ruttle? Everything To Know About The Actor

Canadian actor Edward Ruttle is a famous star who is not on Wikipedia, despite his notable performances. Learn more about him from the article below.

Edward Ruttle is a well-known Canadian actor who came to fame after his movie Hot Tub Time Machine. His role was that of a Beer Luge Guy in the film.

Similarly, his initial fame was further increasing due to his stunning appearance and captivating personality.

Moreover, the name Edward is even said to be the synonym for a handsome guy in Canada.

Edward Ruttle Age And Wikipedia

Edward Ruttle is currently 32 years old, born on the 4th of January in 1986.

Ruttle has a good height and a strong body, as seen by looking at his physique.

In general, he has a distinctive physical structure.

Moving on, Edward Ruttle does not have Wikipedia despite his contribution to the film industry.

According to IMDb, he has appeared in more than 28 films and television shows. 

On this page, we may learn more about the details of his filmography.

In addition, his regular appearance as Michael in the TV series Good Witch (2016-2017) was a box office hit.

Edward Ruttle Parents And Girlfriend

Edward Ruttle was born to his parents in the city of Oshawa, Canada.

However, when it comes to the details of his parents, they are still unknown, as we are unable to find them on the web.

Furthermore, he has never spoken about his father and mother to the media as of now. 

Similarly, Edward Ruttle does not have a girlfriend as per the information available. Further, he is pretty secretive about his relationship status and his girlfriend.

He may be dating someone or single right now. We have found no records of his love life.

As a result, we are unable to determine if he is dating or not. 

He has most certainly hitched a few times in the diversion projects, but this is not certain.

Edward Ruttle Net Worth And Instagram

Edward Ruttle has an estimated net worth of at least a few million.

Besides, he is also on the list of one of the wealthy actors in Hollywood.

Regardless, his precise total assets and net worth are yet to surface on the internet. 

Nevertheless, Ruttle undoubtedly charges a significant amount of money every season, as per various sources.

Moving on, Edward Ruttle is not available on Instagram as his account might be private for now. Besides that, Ruttle does not have a profile on any other social media networks as well.

As a result, Ruttle has kept a low profile and avoided the spotlight in his personal life.

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