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Who Is Cort Smith? Cort Smith Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Wife and Family Details
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Cort Smith is a British Columbia based analyst, editor, writer and journalist. Cort Smith mainly focuses on sports betting and fantasy football.

Cort Smith Age

The age of Cort Smith is unknown because he is relatively an unknown figure. Maybe one day he will declare to the world but as of now, we do not know his age.

However, judging from his pictures online, he seems to be around 40 years of age. You know that age when the hair starts falling and you begin to get new diseases but Cort has not lost his hair and looks pretty healthy.

Cort Smith Wiki

Not much is known about his childhood and upbringing but there is enough written about his professional life. Cort Smith is a reporter who specializes in Sports betting, Gaming legislation, and sports analytics.

Cort is also known for having been involved in media. His career in media and communications began on 2000 A.D when he was hired by Global News Network in Canada and he gathered experience as a producer, writer, and reporter. Cort worked on national broadcasts and also carried out the job of being an anchor for a while.

Besides journalism, Cort Smith is also a passionate fantasy football player. His works have been featured on fantasy analytic sites such as and Also, his interests in journalism and sports have been used to the fullest potential by the job he has had since the 2018 NFL season- the job of writer for “The Action Network.”

Cort apparently also enjoys poker and it is no surprise because he is really interested in gambling. When he is not writing about sports, he is found enjoying fly fishing and getting mesmerized by Denver Broncos because it seems that he is really a hardcore fan of Denver Broncos.

Cort Smith Net Worth

Cort Smith has not given out the secret of his annual income, salary and net worth because he is not relatively that much famous. So, people have not cared that much about his net worth. He must be leading a pretty comfortable life as he is a sports analyst but we cannot say with surety.

Cort Smith Wife

The details about his personal life are not scattered over the internet but he has disclosed that he has a girlfriend during an interview where he was asked about his traveling experiences around the world. We do not know if he is married now or not and we don’t even know the name of his girlfriend. Nor can we tell if he has already broken up. Seems like Cort has protected his private life fiercely from the Internet.

Cort Smith Family Details

Cort Smith’s family details are also unknown. There is no information about his childhood and upbringing and hence no contents regarding his parents can be found.

Even after he became an adult, the information is not found. Seems like he likes to protect that information with strict regulation.