Who Is Claudio Marsili? Plastic Surgeon And Italo Marsili’s Father Shot To Death

Who Is Claudio Marsili? Plastic Surgeon And Italo Marsili’s Father Shot To Death

Who Is Claudio Marsili? Italo Marsili Pai, a psychiatrist, was reported dead this morning. Let’s find the reason behind his death.

Claudio Marsili became newsworthy after his death which made several headlines.

Reportedly, he was killed after being shot in Barra da Tijuca early Tuesday morning.

Marsili is reported to be a Plastic surgeon by profession by several news portals.

Consequently, his potential subtleties are being broadly investigated by the netizens.

The surgeon’s bio and social media platforms are under media scrutiny.

After assembling snippets of information, we’ve prepared a brief bio about him.

Let’s learn some exclusive facts about Claudio Marsili in the article below.

Who Is Italo Marsili Pai Father Claudio Marsili? His Idad

Italo Marsili’s father, Claudio Marsili, is reported to be a proficient Plastic surgeon.

His son, Italo Marsili, has been working as a psychiatrist for over ten years now.

Previously Italo served as a canonical forensic psychiatrist at the Ecclesiastical Court of São Sebastião.

It was when Claudio just had parked his Toyota Hilux; the robbers attacked him.

Claudio was allegedly shot even after handling the truck to the robbers, stated the witnesses.

Italo was at the crime scene beside his father’s covered body at 9:20 am.

Claudio Marsili’s Idade, which means age is disclosed to be 64 at the incident.

Is Claudio Marsili Highlighted On Wikipedia?

No, Claudio Marsili hasn’t been highlighted on Wikipedia to this day.

In any case, several news portals have covered a brief bio about the surgeon.

He graduated from the State University of Rio de Janeiro back in 1982, stated in the article.

Marsili attended the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro with a postgraduate degree in general surgery.

Claudio also completed a postgraduate course in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Adding to his never-ending CV completed the course in orthomolecular and sports medicine at the University Veiga de Almeida.

In addition, the experienced surgeon earned his PhD in Public Health from the University of Business and Social Sciences.

As stated on his website, Marsili has a life purpose of enhancing woman’s self-esteem through his profession.

Procedures like abdominoplasty, liposuction, implantation of silicone prostheses, fillers and botox etc., were available.

Besides the procedures mentioned above, several others were featured with guaranteed safety and reliability.

 The celebrated surgeon is approachable on Instagram with almost 20k followers so far.

 Furthermore, his son, Italo Marsili, is a psychiatry graduate from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Claudio Marsili Murder Details 

Claudio Marsili’sMarsili’s murder details are unveiled to be allegedly by gunshots.

According to the witnesses, he was shot even after he surrendered to the criminals.

Thus far, the precise details regarding the subtleties of the criminals are yet to be disclosed.

At the moment, The Regional Council of Medicine of Rio (Cremerj) mourns his death.

The regional council issued a note of regret that reads in response to his untimely death.

“Cremerj is dismayed and regrets the death of its renowned colleague Claudio Marsili for such a cruel reason,” read the text.