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Who Is Chris Morocco Wife? Know Married Life Young Son Age Info Wiki
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Chris Morocco is a well known senior chef at Bon Appetit Test Kitchen. He works as the Senior Food Editor at Bon Appetit, which happens to be in the zone of the best selling entertainment and food magazines in the US for the last four years.

As a senior food editor and veteran professional chef, Chris Morocco has made a good living for himself and his family. Well, speaking of his family, many of his fans be wondering who the lucky girl is.

To have someone to cook for you obviously feels good, but having one of the best chefs in the whole of US cooking for you must be a great thing in itself. Unfortunately, not all are lucky enough but Chris Morocco’s wife is.

Let’s try to find out who Chris Morocco’s wife is. Details on his family life, son, age, wiki, and net worth in here.

Who Is Chris Morocco Wife? Know Married Life/ Son

Chris Morocco is said to be a married woman with whom he shares two children both son.

The identity of his wife and children are still unknown. The senior food editor at Bon Appetit rarely opens up about his personal life, relationship with wife and kids.

However, during an interview in with Bon Appetit, he revealed that despite all his image he barely cooks for his wife. I only boil milk for tea and lattes for my wife, Chirs revealed during the interview.

Chris Morocco Age/ Wiki/ Bio

Official Wikipedia dedicated to Chris Morocco hasn’t been published so far. However, all the scattered pieces of him over the web at lest leads way somewhere.

As his exact date of birth hasn’t been revealed, Chris Morocco’s current age is unknown. However, his looks, at least, put him in his 30s.

While early life and details of parents and siblings are still unknown. He was born and raised in his hometown in Ohio by American parents.

His nationality is American and is of white ethnic background.

If sources are to be believed, Chirs spent his childhood more in the kitchen than his mother did and he gradually grew passionated of cooking art. His love for cooking eventually took wings.

After completion of his under-graduation in 1999, Chris attended Oberlin College. He graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor’s degree in the French language.

After his graduation, he began working at Vogue Magazine and parted ways with the magazine in Jue 2010.

In February 2011, Chirs joined Bon Appetit as its associate food editor.

Chris Morocco Net Worth

Chris Morocco has been a senior chef based in Australia for years and also working as the Senior Food Editor for one of the best selling magazines in the US, Bon Appetit must have cashed him a huge net worth.

While Chris has managed to keep the details of his net worth and income behind the curtains, it’s unclear how much the senior chef actually owns.

However, according to payscale, any senior chef based in the US chases in over $65,000 annually. Chris must be making a considerable income or even higher from his profession.

Chris who is a well-known name on social pages has 75.8K followers on his Instagram page. While most of his Instagram posts are dedicated to his recipes and his edible arts, he can be seen flaunting his riches once in the blue moon on his Instagram.

The guy has got a taste for the lavish lifestyle!