Who Is Cassidy Mceown? Cassidy Mceown Age, Height, Bio, Wikipedia

Who Is Cassidy Mceown? Cassidy Mceown Age, Height, Bio, Wikipedia

Who Is Cassidy Mceown? Cassidy Mceown Age, Height, Bio, Wikipedia. Cassidy is 17 years old. She is 5 ft 5 in tall. Her Wiki and Biography Facts.

Cassidy Mceown is not a new name to those who have watched the Netflix’s Rust Valley Restorers. This show is basically a Canadian Documentary Television show. Viewers cans see cars going from OUCHHH to WOWWW on the show.

The show stars Avery Shoaf, Mike Hall, and Connor Hall. All of these three are specialists in some automotive works. The casts take the old and used cars, especially classic vintage cars and turn them to great classic usable ones.

Talking about Cassidy, she came on the 2nd episode of the show for minimizing the workload. Her love for cars drove her to this job and she has been very happy about this. She is the only girl in the crew and has been loved by the viewers so much.

Who is Cassidy Mceown? Her Bio And Age

Cassidy’s personal information is not very public on the internet. Except for being a cast of Netflix’s show, she has not shared a lot of information about her.

As per the internet, she is originally from Cherryville, North Carolina. However, she is currently a resident of Canada. But, the details on her migration to Canada is not available.

17 years old Cassidy Mceown lives with her family in Canada. She loves dogs and has a few at her home. She grew up in a family of car lovers. That means she has been working with cars from her young age.

Moreover, she even studied Auto Collision Repair Technician at Okanagan College.

According to Mceown’s personal Instagram, she seems to be dating someone at present. She has posted a few pictures with a guy named Stan Pinyon. the pictures and the comments on them clearly suggest that these two are dating.

Cassidy has an average height

Cassidy Mceown is not very tall but has an average height at the age of 17. But, she still has some years to grow in height.

The exact height and weight of Cassidy are off the record. Mceown could be as tall as 5 feet and 5 inches.

Cassidy’s Wikipedia

People started recognizing Cassidy only after she appeared on Netflix’s Show, Rust Valley Restorers. She came in the 2nd episode of the 1st season of the show. The show has only one season as of now.

Until then she was someone away from the reach of people. Having said that, she still likes to stay away from the limelight.

But, now that people have seen her in the show, they like to know as much they can about her.

She went to A.L. Fortune Secondary School in British Columbia. Then, for her automobile studies, she attended Okanagan College in Koenowa, British Columbia.

Before starting to work in Rust Valley in 2019 January, she received the automobile work training from Prestige Collision-Vernon in British Columbia. Even before that, she worked as a dishwasher at Howard Johnson.

Among all of these, she has been the happiest working for the Rust Valley. She loves cars and loves it, even more, when she gets the chance to work with car experts.

Cassidy’s Instagram, Social Media

This 17-year-old teenager is not very active on social media compared to others of her age. She is on Instagram and posts moments and memories there and also posts pictures of cars.

She is also on facebook and is not very active there as well.

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