Who Is Carlo Albanese? 

Carlo Albanese is the long-lost late father of Australia's Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. He assumed his father was dead until he was 14 years old. 

He was born in the southern Italian town of Barletta. He toiled as a steward; their term Albanese refers to heirs of the Arbresh people, not Albanians.

Anthony Albanese (left),  wife Carmel Tebbutt (centre), father Carlo (right), and son Nathan (front).
Anthony Albanese (left), wife Carmel Tebbutt (centre), father Carlo (right), and son Nathan (front).

Anthony made his plans to visit his father after 15 years when he found out that his father was alive and well in Italy. His mother lied to him about his father. 

The senator did research and obtained the assistance of the Australian embassy in Italy in terms of finding his father in Italy. Eventually, they got to meet each other. 

Anthony Albanese Father Origin And Religion

Anthony Albanese's father, Carlo, originated from Barletta in Southeastern Italy. He was a catholic Christian. 

His origins came from Albanian refugees that fled Albania and later Morea amid the Ottoman takeover of the Balkans between the 14th and 18th centuries.

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Who Is The Mother Of Anthony Albanese?

 Maryanne Therese Albanese is the mother of Anthony Albanese, who used to work as a cleaner. She had two relationships. 

She gave birth to Anthony while in a relationship with Carlo Albanese, whom she met in March 1962 on a trip from Sydney to Southampton.

Anthony Albanese and his mother  Maryanne Therese Albanese
Anthony Albanese and his mother  Maryanne Therese Albanese

Carlo was employed as a server during that time. But, for some reason, they would be unable to maintain their relationship and go on their separate lives.

Maryanne's grandpa owned and ran a print shop on William Street in Darlinghurst. Tragically, Ellery died in 1970, and his mother married James Williamson the next year. 

The marriage was going quite smooth in their beginning days, but they later got divorced after ten weeks of marriage. The reasons for divorce are unknown as of now.