Who Is Candy Pangilinan Husband Gilbert Alvarado?

Who Is Candy Pangilinan Husband Gilbert Alvarado?

Gilbert Alvarado, Candy Pangilinan’s husband, is the Managing Director of Fiber-Rex Philippines, Inc. Let’s learn a little more about him.

Gilbert Alvarado is a Filipino public person who has dedicated his life to achieving goals and has more than 20 years of Telecoms Services sales experience.

Candy Pangilinan, Gilbert Alvarado’s former wife, is a Filipina actress and comedian who has worked in film and television.

For the film Star na si Van Damme, she won the best actress at Cine Filipino 2016, the Los Angeles International Film Festival.

Gilbert and Candy had a secret relationship until 2001 until they married, and she gave birth to her son in 2003.

But, unfortunately, they split up after her friend Karla Estrada discovered her husband with a new girl, leaving her with their autistic and ADHD son Quentin.

Name Gilbert Alvarado
Age 48-52
Gender Male
Nationality Filipino
Profession Managing Director
Education Philippine School of Interior Design

Who Is Candy Pangilinan Husband Gilbert Alvarado?

Gilbert Alvarado is currently the Managing Director of the ICT company Fiber-Rex Philippines, Inc.

Where he has worked for the past 12 years marketing various fiber optic communication goods.

Before joining his new firm, he worked as a consultant for several agencies, advising clients on product quality and the differences between good and bad quality.

Likewise, Gilbert has graduated from the Philippine School of Interior Design with a bachelor’s degree in interior design.

He was an outstanding team leader, as he assisted in implementing marketing campaigns to attract new clients.

Furthermore, he had worked in this field before 2000, accumulating a wealth of technical expertise in PSTN, Internet, IP-Voice, and a variety of other technical areas.

Gilbert Alvarado Age And Wikipedia

Gilbert Alvarado appears to be between the ages of 48 and 52 years old.

However, his exact age and birthdate remain unknown for the time being.

Gilbert Alvarado has not yet been added to the Wikipedia database.

He does, however, have a Linkedin profile that describes his job and includes a brief biography of his work history.