Who Is Andrew Dymock? Everything To Know About His Parents

Who Is Andrew Dymock? Everything To Know About His Parents

Andrew Dymock is a Neo-Nazi criminal mastermind who was born to his parents Dr. David and Stella Dymock. Learn more about him below.

Andrew Dymock was under investigation for promoting brutality and scaremongering. 

Similarly, he developed and established a website called the Sonnenkrieg Division and the System Resistance Network (SRN). 

Furthermore, the police took down his fanatic organization on the grounds of spreading terror and contempt crimes.

Moreover, Andrew was also guilty of 12 counts of psychological oppression and is currently serving his sentence at the Old Bailey.

Is Andrew Dymock a Terrorist?

Andrew Dymock was known to be using the SRN website to raise money for terrorists. 

To non-whites, Jews, and Muslims, the website advocated zero-tolerance. He also saw homosexuality as a sickness.

However, Dymock said his former partner set him up and denied utilizing the Twitter accounts. 

In February 2018, he was dismissed from SRN just before he was caught at Gatwick Airport.

Dymock’s computer history, on the other hand, revealed long-standing extreme beliefs dating back to when he was just 17 years old.

Dymock was also a student at Aberystwyth University, where he was studying politics.

According to Reddit user Andrew Dymock, Adolf Hitler was the finest women’s campaigner. 

Dymock is also guilty of forming a fear-based oppressor group on Twitter. Furthermore, as per reports, Andrew declared that the Jews must be eliminated.

Who Are Andrew Dymock Parents?

Andrew Dymock was born to his parents, father, David Dymock, and his mother, Stella Dymock.

Similarly, he was born into a middle-class household in the United Kingdom. 

David, his father, is a dental professor at Bristol University.

However, there are no further details regarding her mother, Stella, on the web.

Andrew Dymock Age And Net Worth Explored

Andrew Dymock is 24 years old as of 2021.

However, his precise birthdate details are missing at the moment.

Similarly, there is no actual net worth of Andrew Dymock on the web.

However, Dymock might have earned a large sum of money from his terrorism.

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