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Who Is Alexis DeBoschnek? Alexis DeBoschnek Age, Height, Wiki, Instagram
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Good and tasty food is a treat for everyone. Alexis DeBoschnek is a familiar face to some tasty recipes on Youtube and Instagram.

Alexis is an American chef, recipe developer, and a cooking show host. In fact, most of us are used to watching some mouth-watering recipes prepared on Youtube channels.

Among those, ‘Tasty‘ is arguably one of the best blogging channels there is right now. The channel generally shows hands in the course of videos.

However, On August 20, 2018, they uploaded a video introducing all the chefs. As a matter of fact, Alexis DeBoschnek was one of them.

Moreover, it’s easy to predict her to be a cook from her Instagram profile as well.

Her recent video got over a million views in just 12 hours. Here, we will be talking about the video along with her age, height, wiki, and Instagram.

Who is Alexis DeBoschnek? She is a chef for BuzzFeed’s ‘Tasty’. Her Wikipedia

Alexis DeBoschnek may be a recognizable face to some fashion lovers. Apparently, she had quite a journey shifting her way from fashion to culinary.

Born on May 12, 1990, she was born and grew up in the United States. As a native of New York, she has had a decent childhood.

Details about her parents and family are not available. Nonetheless, she is quite a low-profile person talking about her personal life and issues.

After completing her high school studies from the local school in New York, she had an interest in fashion. Therefore, she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Eventually, Alexis collected her bachelor’s degree in fabric styling. She was already active in the industry during the time.

Alexis even starred in s short video ‘The Cut’ that clearly exhibited her fashion designs and senses. Admired by many, she had a brief fashion designing career.

However, her real passion was smelling the aroma of fresh foods in the kitchen. As a result, she decided to attend the International Culinary Center in New York.

As of wiki details, Alexis was quite a writer for the cookbooks. Alexis wrote for ‘Tasting table’, ‘Eat Club’, and ‘Eater’.

Recently, she has is a producer at BuzzFeed’s ‘Tasty’. She got into the heights after her feature in Buzzfeed.

The fans and followers are desperate to watch her videos. Her recent post of ‘3-Minute Vs 30-Minute Vs 3-hour Burger’ hit the web with more than a million views in half a day.

Alexis DeBoschnek is 29 years old in Age

It’s better not to watch her recipe videos when you are hungry. Apparently, the situation will worsen. The ultimate result of her videos is water in your mouth.

Alexis DeBschnek is 29 years old as of 2019 according to Her glowing face and never-ending smile describe the perfect picture.

At the prime of her career, she has a lot to offer to the hungry world. She will be a helping hand to the house cooks for years to come.

Alexis DeBoschnek Height is Above 1.82 m

There is an available factual data about her height. However, looking at her picture, DeBoschnek must be almost 6 feet tall.

Alexis has a delicious Instagram account

Literally, her Instagram account is delicious. It’s not only her recipes but her followers of 111,000 that makes it delicious.

She mostly posts pictures of her work and the foods she prepares. Moreover, she also loves hanging out with friends and family as per the pictures.

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