Who Is Alexandra Malick? Everything To Know About Terrence Malick’s Wife

Who Is Alexandra Malick? Everything To Know About Terrence Malick’s Wife

Alexandra Malick is the wife of the famous director of Terrence Frederick Malick. She is known for her contribution as a producer in many movies.

Alexandra Wyatt-Brown is also known as Alexandra W.B. Malick. She is known as a producer in many movies. Her latest movie was American Zombieland, where she contributed as a producer.

Besides her producing she is known for her appealing looks. Without any further ado, let us discuss the life of Alexandra Malick.

How old Is Alexandra Malick?

Alexandra Malick seems to fall in the age range of 65-70 years old.

The age of Alexandra Malick is yet to be revealed. Although she has been known for a long, she has managed to hide her age.

However, we guessed her age by judging her recent photographs online.

Name Alexandra Malick
Age 65-70
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Nationality American
Profession Actress ,Producer

Facts To Know About Alexandra Malick

  1.  Alexandra Malick’s net worth is not revealed yet. As per celebritynetssorth online, her husband’s net worth was $15million recently. However, her sole net worth is not mentioned yet. 
  2. Alexandra is married to her husband, Terrence Malick. She was married to him in 1998. She is the third wife of Terrence. They are happily married and currently have six children.
  3. Besides her husband, the details of Alexandra’s parents are not mentioned online too. Not only her parents her other family members and siblings also remain confidential.
  4. It appears Alexandra is not on Instagram and Twitter. Surprisingly for such a great figure, it is odd that she is not on social media platforms. It seems she likes to keep her personal life private.
  5. Alexandra Mallick seems to have a height of 5 feet 5 inches. She seems to weigh around 65 Kgs. There is no information to support the above statement; however, we assumed by going through her recent photographs.
  6. Besides a producer, she has contributed to two movies as an actress. Her first movie as an actress was in 2005, where she portrayed Queen Anne in the movie The New World. After 13 years, she reappeared as an actress in the movie Don’t Worry. He Won’t Get Far on Foot.

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