Who Are Emilie Bierre Parents? Everything To Know About The Canadian Actress

Who Are Emilie Bierre Parents? Everything To Know About The Canadian Actress

Emilie Bierre is an acting prodigy who is gaining attention from the people as her new movie is about to arrive on Netflix this week. Get to know the actress and future director below.

Emilie Bierre is a Canadian actress known for movies such as A Colony, Les beaux malaises, and Jenny.

Bierre is also a model. She is now writing a short film which she also wants to direct alongside Geneviève Dulude-De Celles. 

Emilie Bierre Parents

Emilie Bierre was born to her parents Brice Bierre and Tatiana Renard.

Moreover, she feels fortunate enough to have her parents’ full support through every step of her life.

Similarly, her father Brice is a pilot and her mother Tatiana drives Emilie to the sets and interviews.

They also have a second daughter and Brice’s sister, Juliette Brice. 

In an interview, Bierre’s mother said that she was bullied a lot in her school. It was mainly because of her friends’ jealousy which even went to a point where the only option left was to change school.

Emilie Bierre Age And Wikipedia

Emilie Bierre is 17 years old as of now, as she was born on 12th May 2004. 

Bierre got into modeling as early as age 4. She first modeled for her favorite clothing brand Souris Mini. Once her cuteness got recognized, she soon began doing multiple photoshoots for advertising.

In a brisk of such sessions, a stranger suggested Emilie’s mother look for an agency and thought she could have a career there. After a couple of months, she did her first movie, In the Shadow’s Voice.

Emilie is known for playing intense and dramatic roles. Similarly, her new short movie is about a girl who has to grow up faster than normal kids due to her financial situation.

Emilie’s career is also available on her IMDB page.

Emily Bierre Boyfriend

Emily Bierre is currently dating her boyfriend, Justin Morissette.

Furthermore, Emily and her boyfriend are now together for a couple of years. 

They do not share much about thier relationship. 

Emily Bierre Net Worth And Instagram

Emily Bierre’s net worth is not available now, but we can expect her value to be at least in a five-figure amount.

Bierre does have an Instagram account. Make sure to follow her at @emiliebierreofficial.

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