Who Are DJ Walton And Jessica Walton? Meet Javon Walton Parents On Instagram

Who Are DJ Walton And Jessica Walton? Meet Javon Walton Parents On Instagram

Who are Javon Walton’s parents? In this article, let us explore the family details about the child actor from Euphoria.

Javon Walton is best known for his character of AShtray from HBO’s series Euphoria. The American-born child actor is equally popular for his performance in Utopia(2019 and No Days Off(2021).

Back in 2017, Javon was first discovered via social media by the legendary American television present Steve Harvey and appeared on the talk show STEVE. His first-ever acting debut was in 2019 when he landed the role of Ashtray on the hit HBO’s series Euphoria.

Walton is a boxing prodigy, having started to box from the age of four and the winner of the Georgia State Championship five-time and USA Boxing South East Regional Champion four-time.

His success in boxing at a young age prove instrumental for him to secure various acting gigs, and with that, to date, IMDB has credited the child actor four times. We can find him reviving the role of “Ashtray” in season two of Euphoria.

Who Are DJ Walton And Jessica Walton? Meet Javon Walton Parents

Javon Walton was born to parents DJ Walton and Jessica Walton, on July 23, 2003, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dj Walton, Javon’s father, is an American professional boxer and one of the founding members of AK Worldwide. Besides that, he is also the founder of the OnWard Athletics and currently worked as a coach.

As per his mother, Jessica, according to her Instagram bio, she is an author and also involved in the OnWard Athletics. We can also find Walton senior on his Instagram under the name @onwardnaton.

Both the Walton couples have been training their kid Javon in boxing. Currently, the Walton family resides in Georgia, Atlanta.

DJ Walton And Jessica Walton Ethnicity And Nationality Explored

DJ Walton and Jessica Walton belong to white ethnicity and are of American nationality.

According to Hollywood magazine, the family follows the Christian faith. Besides Javon Walton, they are parents to three other children, a daughter, and two sons.

Both DJ and Jessica are involved in fitness and have extensively groomed their children to be more physically strong.

What Is Dj Walton And Jessica Walton Age Difference?

Unfortunately, DJ Walton and Jessica Walton’s age has not been disclosed at the moment; hence, their age difference is hard to estimate.

There isn’t much information about them on the internet, like their actor’s son Javon Walton.

However, judging from their recent pictures, there doesn’t seem to be a significant age gap between the couple. Both of them look around the age of 40-50 years old.

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