Reddit: Where Is Tenzin Norbu Now? Monk Set Woman On Fire In Toronto

Tenzin Norbu arrested for setting a woman on fire. ( Source : 247Newsaroundtheworld )

Tenzin Norbu is a Buddhist monk from Toronto who has been arrested for setting a woman on fire.

Police named Norbu as the suspect on Sunday and declared that they are investigating the event as a possible hate crime. The victim and Norbu, according to the police, were strangers, and the attack was a singular occurrence.

Tenzin Norbu, a 33-year-old Toronto resident, is accused of four offenses related to the event, including attempted murder & assault with a deadly weapon.

Where Is Tenzin Norbu Now? Is He Arrested?

Tenzin Norbu was taken into prison and is now in the care of the police, who are looking into the event.

The frightening incident is the most recent in a string of horrifying acts of violence that have occurred at TTC stations in recent months, alarming commuters and prompting calls for further safety precautions to be taken.

Following the incident, Mayor John Tory declared that he is actively collaborating with the Toronto police and the TTC to identify ways to enhance rider safety.

Discussions on Reddit have been triggered by Tenzin Norbu's crime. However, his mug photo isn't accessible. The reason for the crime is still a mystery despite rumors that the guy & female were dating before the tragedy.

In actuality, there is still a police investigation going on. Sadly, the woman was taken to the hospital on Friday with injuries that might have been fatal.

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Who Is Tenzin Norbu On Reddit?

Tenzin Norbu, 33, was charged with attempted murder on Friday after a lady was set ablaze on a Toronto city bus. 1989 marked the year of his birth. He has led a dubious life and gained notoriety as a result of the crime. As a consequence, nobody is aware of his family or parents.

He is charged with soaking the victim in a liquid before setting it ablaze. The woman was transported in critical condition to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. According to reports, the woman was hospitalized on Friday with serious injuries.

The woman was said to have life-threatening wounds and was hospitalized on Friday. There hasn't been a recent update on her condition. At around 12:30 p.m., police were summoned to the area of Kipling Avenue & Dundas Street West due to complaints of an assault on a woman.

The woman was given a referral for care from Sunnybrook Hospital. In her present state, there is no information. The reason for the crime is unknown, despite Li's insistence that the man and woman had a relationship before the occurrence. The cops are currently conducting their investigation.

Norbu is being held by police on suspicion of attempted murder and aggravated assault. According to Const. Alex Li, who spoke at a news conference on Sunday, the man and the woman had never met. Investigators concluded that the event was a one-time occurrence and that there was no danger to the general public.

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What Charges Are Tenzin Norbu Facing?

Charges of attempted murder, assault with a weapon, annoyance, & mischief are brought against Tenzin Norbu, 33. He is scheduled to show up in court at 2201 Finch Ave. W on Monday morning.

The incident took place in Toronto's west end close to Kipling Station around 12:23. According to a news release released Sunday evening, a man on a TTC bus allegedly poured a flammable chemical on a woman on the same bus before igniting it.

Despite leaving the area, the man was reportedly captured nearby. Police initially gave the man's age as 35 on Friday, but they later changed it to 33 on Sunday.

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