Where Is Rob Marciano On GMA, What Happened To Him? All Facts To Know

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Rob Marciano is a famous Good Morning America and ABC News meteorologist, and fans have noticed his absence from Good Morning America Weekend. We'll find out where Rob Marciano is on GMA today.

Marciano is an American weather forecaster and reporter. He currently works for Walt Disney Television's ABC News broadcast network.

He worked as a forecaster on an American morning television show every weekend.

Where Is Rob Marciano On GMA? 

Marciano is currently not seen on television, but he has not left GMA. Rob's departure from the show has not been announced.

Additionally, ABC News has not announced his absence on their social media pages. He hasn't appeared on Good Morning America over the weekend in a couple of days.

Marciano hasn't been seen on television in a while. Thus his disappearance has piqued the interest of fans. Others speculate that his absence from the show is due to his decision to leave GMA.

Furthermore, he has not been seen in the air for longer than usual. However, examining his social media accounts reveals that he has not announced his absence from the show. He could also be on a family vacation. He may return to his Saturday show after completing his journey.

He departed Entertainment Tonight in August 2014 to join Weekend Good Morning America as a senior meteorologist. He is presently employed at ABC News and has not announced his departure on social media.

What Happened To The Journalist?

This weekend, Marciano, a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist, isn't on the air. His recent trips are unknown.

His most recent social media post was about his ski and news teams. He hasn't updated his profile on the social media platform since March 13, 2022.

In addition, fans were already missing the meteorologist and were tweeting about it. In addition, ABC News has not revealed his absence from the weekend broadcast.

His absenteeism prompted speculation that he may leave the show. This may not be the case, and Rob may return to his role shortly.

Rob Marciano Wife & Children Details

Rob Marciano has been married to Eryn Marciano since 2010. Eryn is currently employed at Compass as a licensed real estate salesman.

Eryn graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in psychology and is a "proud member of The Kim Arenas Team, ranked in the top 1% of Westchester County."

She volunteers with Best Friends Animal Society, which helps give animals a second chance at life, alongside Rob.

Rob and Eryn are both committed to their work, yet they have found time to start a family. Mason and Madelynn, their son, are the couple's children.

What Is Rob Marciano's Net Worth 2022?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Rob has amassed a net worth of $2 million due to his successful profession.

Rob earned a meteorology degree from Cornell University and went on to work as the chief meteorologist for KATU-TV and 750 KXL News Radio in Portland, Oregon.

He worked for several companies after that before joining ABC in 2014.

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