Where Is Anthony Stevens And Wife Kelli Stevens Now?

Anthony Stevens with his wife Kelli Stevens
Anthony Stevens with his wife Kelli Stevens( Source : com )

Anthony Stevens and his wife, Kelli Stevens, enjoy their life separately in Australia.

Stevens is the Jungian analyst, psychiatrist, and prolific writer of books and essays on psychotherapy, evolutionary psychiatry, and the scientific importance of Jung's theory of archetypes.

He graduated from Oxford University, where he studied under Carolus Oldfield in the Department of Psychology in the 1950s, and holds a degree in psychology and research doctorate.

The analyst studied under Oldfield in the Department of Psychology at Reading during the 1950s. He is a student of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and a senior associate of the Independent Group of Analytical Psychologists.

In Addition, he studied the relative intellectual clauses between the patterns of behavior and their underlying innate releasing mechanisms that got viewed by etiology.

Where Is Anthony Stevens And Wife Kelli Stevens Now?

Anthony and his wife, Kelli Stevens, enjoy their life in Australia.

Similarly, he was sawn at Melbourne pub on Saturday, 20, after former Wayne Carey and Anthony Stevens allegedly had a heated altercation after Anthony found that Carey had an infamous affair with his teammate's wife.

Furthermore, the world got sunned after people found out that Carey had an affair with Stevens's ex-wife Kelli and they were caught in a toilet at a house party, leading to the two-time premiership captain leaving the club in shame.

According to SEN's Sam Edmunds, the pair was found on Saturday at Yarraville's Railway Hotel for a 1996 premiership reunion when Carey went to Stevens.

Kelli Stevens claims Wayne Carey begged her to leave her husband
Kelli Stevens claims Wayne Carey begged her to leave her husband( Source : com )

In Addition, Stevens is now a board member of the Kangaroos board and president of the club's past player association and was a key driver behind organizing the event.

It contained a casual catch-up at the pub on Saturday night, before the premiership players took part in a motorcade and photo opportunity before the Kangaroos game on Sunday.

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Anthony Stevens Is Married To Partner Kelli Stevens In 1998

Stevens married his wife Kelli in 1998, and the couple got blessed with two children, River and Ayva.

However, their marriage got removed when Brent Harvey talked about how the humiliation of the affair destroyed the club. After that, there remained hidden and unable to be found.

They split up when Kelli's affairs came out, and her affair came out in 2002 with his teammate Wayne Carey. Stevens and his teammates blamed Wayne enough that he left the team.

In Addition, Steven, Kelli, and Wayne are now entirely different people. Carey faces problems with domestic violence and assault convictions.

Kelli is active on Instagram under the name @kstevens, where she gained eight hundred followers and followed back one thousand people with 1234 posts.

Kelli Stevens with his wife Sarah Wall.
Kelli Stevens with his wife Sarah Wall.( Source : co )

Moreover, Anthony has moved up and lived happily with his new partner Sarah Wall. After moving from Kelli, he started dating Sarah, who is a professional athlete and has played for the Melbourne Vixens.

She was a netball player who won the 2014 coaches award after transferring to the NSW Swifts. In 2016 Stevens proposed to Sarah, and they declared their engagement on her Instagram account.

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The Net Worth Of Anthony Steven

Net Worth In 2022 $1 million
Salary $64,966 per year

Anthony's net worth got estimated at $1 million in 2022. He earns a salary of $64,966 annually.

Further, the source of his income is Jungian analysis; from the money he earned, he is living the good life.

Additionally, he did his study under the sustenance of John Bowlby on the result of attachment connection between infants and their nurses at the Metera Babies Centre in Athens in his early life.

Moreover, it led him to appreciate the role of archetypal components in the appearance of mother-child attachments. It supplied him with the essential wisdom that enlightened his magnum opus, Archetype: A Natural History of The Self.

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