What Is Wrong With Marcus Lamb? His Health Update – Is He Still Alive Details Explored

What Is Wrong With Marcus Lamb? His Health Update – Is He Still Alive Details Explored

What is wrong with Marcus Lamb? Queries regarding his health update are prevailing all over the web. Let’s find out in the article.

Marcus Lamb is an eminent televangelist, Christian broadcaster, and prosperity theology. 

The acclaimed televangelist is the co-founder, CEO, and president of the Daystar Television Network.

Reportedly, from the age of fifteen, Lamb started preaching as an evangelist.

The 65-year-old attended the East Macon Church and became a Christian at the age of five.

CTN: What Is Wrong With Marcus Lamb? 

Marcus Lamb has been reportedly hospitalized following testing positive for the COVID.

The news is speedily disseminated across social media platforms in the public domain.

In the interim, supporters of the televangelist are highly worried about his health status.

Whereas some think he got what he deserved for he was the anti-vax promoter.

The comments section of the news disparaged Lamb for his past behaviours of spreading misinformation about COVID.

Nevertheless, the official substantiated news is yet to be unveiled by trusted sources.

Marcus Lamb Health Update: Is He Still Alive? 

Presently, no update about Marcus Lamb’s health is covered by news outlets.

He is still alive; however, we don’t know if he is doing great or not present.

We pray for her speedy recovery if, in any case, he has tested positive for the virus.

Daystar Marcus Lamb Wife: His Children

Marcus Lamb’s wife Joni Lamb is also a Christian broadcaster like her husband since the mid-1980s.

She functions as the co-founder, executive producer, and vice-president of the Daystar Television Network.

The wedding details about Marcus and Joni is concealed from the public eye to date.

Reportedly, the televangelist had an extramarital affair that the duo acknowledged publicly in 2010.

That being said, the couple were successful in reconciling their relationship with the help of marriage counsellors.

Initially, the duo opted to keep it concealed to have enough time to heal from the fact.

Speaking of Marcus Lamb’s children, he shares three children with Joni Lamb.

They share two daughters Rachel, Rebecca and a son Jonathan from their marital relationship.

Marcus Lamb Instagram Explored

Any one of us can follow Marcus Lamb on Instagram, which runs under the username marcuslamb.

Thus far, the televangelist’s account has accumulated over 46k adherents on the stage.

Marcus is a religious user of the mainstream platform, while his latest post is a day old.

That being said, Marcus Lamb is most successful on Twitter across several social platforms.

His Twitter account has stockpiled 121.2k genuine followers to this very day.

Marcus Lamb has been verified across all the platforms, be it Insta, Twitter or Facebook.

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