What Is TikTok School Bathroom Challenge? When Did It Start?

What Is TikTok School Bathroom Challenge? When Did It Start?

TikTok School Bathroom Challenge is a new trend in a popular social media platform, TikTok, which has turned into an ugly scenario in the community. Let’s get to know about this trend further in detail.

Tiktok is a platform where various types of trends emerge, and creators enjoy making videos on them.

There is a particular boundary or extent to which a person can go to entertain their viewers.

But when that extent crosses the limit, it can be disastrous for the creator and the whole community.

What Is TikTok School Bathroom Challenge?

TikTok School Bathroom Challenge is a new trend or challenge where students are found seemingly stealing random items from their schools.

This has also been infamously trended in the social media platform TikTok with the name of devious lick challenge.

Students from various schools have been posting this challenge in their TikTok accounts, vandalizing the school property.

Due to this, the people have raised serious concerns and have asked to top it as soon as possible.

Nowadays, TikTok trends have started converting into a cultural phenomenon within the platform and other platforms.

This has created a global impression as although all the content is not harmful, some content could negatively impact society.

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Videos Explained: Students Are Stealing And Posting On TikTok

In this trend of Devious Lick, students steal random things from their schools, such as soap dispensers and toilet paper dispensers.

But in some places, they have even gone too far by stealing big and expensive items like whole tiles and sinks.

Apart from that, in some videos, it is seen that students are vandalizing some heavy objects such as printers and computers.

This has raised a question of where it is taking forward and what mishappening it might cause in the immediate future.

Moreover, such a wrong trend had also urged those parents to counsel their children so that they could not involve themselves in this kind of unethical activity.

When Did The Challenge Start? 

This trend seems to have got limelight when a TikTok video about it was shared by user @dtx.2cent.

Although it is not sure when this video emerged into fame, in that video, the user unzips his backpack and pulls out a bottle of hand sanitizer.

The video was only a month into school and got this absolute devious lick which is considered a trendsetter video.

Later, it got so much attention from the viewers that exceptionally high schoolers made it famous in no time.

Similarly, many schools in America have warned the children to stop it immediately.

They have further warned those students that they could get suspended or intense action against them would be taken for getting involved in such activity.


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