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What is i’m in the ghetto ratatata tik tok? Mukhtarhuh TikTok Nationality and Age Facts
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What is im in the ghetto ratatata tik tok? Mukhtarhuh Nationality, Age, Facts. Mukhtarhuh im in the ghetto ratatata How old tall Famous Birthdays Facts:

Anyone’s on TikTok here. In case, yes, you must have caught this guy, Mukhtarhuh. This guy been rewriting history on TikTok lately. In no time, this teenager has become a huge sensation. With over 2 million followers in nearly six months’ time, Mukhtarhuh has had the crowd going crazing over his fandom, recently.

Along with social media fame, the TikTok star is gradually enjoying fame on media outlets, as well. He, really, is making it big on social media. While most of the teenagers of his age are busy playing video games and using YouTube.

Though Mukhtarhuh has become an instant hit on TikTok, his personal details are still miles away from the reach of his fans.

Also, his I’m in the ghetto ratatata is a recent TikTok sensation.

I’m in the ghetto ratatata and Mukhtarhuh

I’m in the ghetto is a viral TikTok video created by Muktarhuh. In the video, he can be seen walking while there is a sound of a gunshot in the background.


Hearing the gunshot, the TikToker yells, ‘I’m in the ghetto’ and also imitates the sound of gunshots by singing ‘ratatata.’

The video was uploaded on December 16, 2019, and has amassed 12.8 million views and counts 130k comments.

Mukhtarhuh TikTok, Instagram Fame

By now, it’s no need to reflect on just how popular Mukhtarhuh is and also in a short period of time. Speaking of numbers, his self-titled TikTok account has 2.5 million followers.

Also, his TikTok account has over 39 million views as of January 2020.

Well, this guy is way popular for someone at 17. After all, just what could a teenager at 17 be doing, college life or so. But, this American TikTok star is really making the difference.

They say age is just a number and Mukhtarhuh could be looked up to.

He posts lip-sync as well as other funny videos on a wide range of topics on his TikTok account. Though it seems hard to figure out the key factor in his videos, people are really onto his videos on TikTok.

Additionally, Mukhtarhuh is also popular on Instagram. He goes as Muk The Crackhead King on his Instagram page which has 114 thousand followers. Speak of the moment you read this, Mukhtarhuh has garnered like a hundred followers on his social media account.

In addition to his TikTok videos, the social media star also uploads funny and lip-sync videos on his Instagram, as well.

Nationality and Parents, Where is Mukhtarhuh From?

The TikTok star is an American citizen. Also, his parents are American. But his ancestors aren’t American natives. As seen in his pictures, the Instagram star belongs to black ethnicity.

His parents or grandparents must have migrated to America in search of a better job or a peaceful environment. Later, they might have decided to settle in the States.

Speaking of Mukhtarhuh, he was born in the States and is based in the States. He lives with his parents and siblings at his hometown in the States.

Meanwhile, the identity of his parents and other family members is still under wraps.

The TikToker doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio and the details of his early and family life are still unavailable on the web. Also, Mukhtarhuh is yet to share any picture of his family members on his social media accounts.

Age Facts; Mukhtarhuh’s Birthday Details

The TikToker is currently aged 17. He was born in the year 2002, but the facts on his birthday are not revealed yet.

On 24 June 2019, Mukhtarhuh shared a video on his Instagram in which he could be seen sharing happy birthday emoji.

Well, June 24 could be his birthday or that could just be a funny video for his Instagram family.