What Is Dr. Britten Cole Nationality? Britten Cole Parents, Wiki and Age

What Is Dr. Britten Cole Nationality? Britten Cole Parents, Wiki and Age

With multiculturalism citizen living under the same roof, Dr. Britten Cole is yet another multiracial television celebrity of American nationality.

Up-and-coming television star from Bravo’s ‘Married To Medicine: Los Angeles’, she is one of the leading anesthesiologist based in Maitland, Florida.

Close friend to fellow castmates Contessa Metcalfe of Bravo, Britten has been a working medical professional for between 11 to 20 years.

But, who actually is this anesthesiologist and current ‘Married To Medicine: Los Angeles’ star? Up ahead, discover more on her family, married life and physical attributes.

Dr. Britten Cole Parents

Such basic information of Dr. Britten Cole as her parents’ identity, whereabouts, past life or early life has been maintained pretty low-profile.

The only hype circulating around is her appearance and drama on Bravo’s ‘Married To Medicine: Los Angeles’.

At home, there’s her husband, Mack Major, a real estate and construction professional (as per his LinkedIn profile) and their two beautiful kids, Ivy Major and Mack Jr.

Married for past 10-years, Dr. Britten is a loving, traditional mother with some strict ground rules has set for her children when it comes to movie time and different things.

With the filming of ‘Married To Medicine: Los Angeles’, this Florida-based physician is thinking to move Los Angeles to settle, where she is positive about the rise of her career and business.

However, husband Mack is yet to commit to moving in and is taking time to come up with the decision that won’t be an impulsive one later life.

Dr. Britten Cole Wiki

A head-strong anesthesiologist, Dr. Britten Cole is one of the demanded and highest paid expert in her profession – says Bravo.

Serving as a tempo, this 40-something is seeking a permanent position in the Los Angeles’ area hospital or medical facility.

Before embarking on a media profession, the University of Illinois College of Medicine grad served for the United States as a Navy officer.

And, around the same time, Britten became befriended with Dr. Contessa Metcalfe, who is still her best friend as well as appears on Bravo’s ‘Married To Medicine: Los Angeles’.

Having completed her residency at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, she has been granted to practice anesthesiology in California and Florida.

As her tough years at military taught her to be strong, her short bio is readable on some websites all over the internet including Bravo.tv.com. Nonetheless, Dr. Britten Cole doesn’t have her Wiki page.

Dr. Britten Cole Age – How old is this Doctor in 2019?

According to her profile all over the internet, Dr. Britten Cole currently ages 42. Born in 1976, this physician is only 5-months away from blowing the 43rd birthday candles on this October 19.

The mother of two young lives, Dr. Britten appears pretty young than her chronological age when you consider her smooth, wrinkle-free skin and fit physique.

You can follow Dr. Britten Cole on Instagram to stay more in touch with the anesthesiologist and her family. Else, you can also follow her journey and life on Bravo’s ‘Married To Medicine: Los Angeles’.

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