What Happened To Sabrina Zunich Teeth? Reddit Theories On Lisa Knoefel Murderer And Update Today 2022

Sabrina Zunich, the foster mother killer's teeth has garnered everyone's attention as of recently. Get all the latest updates into her life here below!

Sabrina Zunich and her story was broadcast by Oxygen's "Snapped: Behind Bars."

The show was shown on the screen on February 14 last year marking its first anniversary this year.

Zunich was just a teenager when she stabbed her foster mother, Lisa Knoefel a whopping 178 times to death.

Moreover, further investigations shocked the world as the teenager was groomed by an adult to do so.

What Happened To Sabrina Zunich Teeth Reddit? Sabrina Zunich Missing Tooth Explained

Sabrina Zunich's missing front tooth has made headlines once again as the netizens are intrigued to see her new teeth.

She came on camera with a missing tooth but gave no explanation for its cause.

Moreover, her missing tooth created many Reddit discussions but any official sources could not prove the reason behind her appearance.

Similarly, many people on the web concluded that the young lady must have gotten in a fight inside the prison where her fellow prisoners could have knocked her tooth out.

 Despite many speculations, Zunich, herself has yet to disclose the real reason behind her teeth.

Is Sabrina Zunich Still In Prison? Where Is She Now 2022?

Sabrina Zunich is still in prison as of 2022 serving her life in a prison sentence.

She will be eligible for parole after she serves 30 years in prison.

Oxygen reports that Zunich may appeal for her parole in 2042 when she will be 47 years old.

Likewise, the main perpetrator, Kevin Knoefel, Zunich's foster father was also sentenced to the same sentence as Zunich.

Kevin had maintained a physical relationship with a teenager Zunich and groomed her to kill his own wife, Lisa.

After Zunich was arrested, Kevin had taken out Lisa's insurance money and brought property.

It was after Kevin's betrayal that Zunich testified against Kevin in 2013 and the two are currently in prison.

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