What Happened To Manuela Arbeláez On The Price Is Right? Everything To Know About The Model Current Status

What Happened To Manuela Arbeláez On The Price Is Right? Everything To Know About The Model Current Status

The popular model Manuela Arbeláez from the show The Price Is Right made a mistake some time ago, and fans wonder what happened to her. Learn more about her current whereabouts and if she is still in the show, from the article below.

Manuela Arbeláez is a Colombian-born American model and actress most known for her work on The Price Is Right a television game show.

On April 2, 2015, she accidentally revealed the winning pick during the Five Price Tags game, giving the contestant a $21,960 car.

The following video, which was released by the show on YouTube, quickly went viral, garnering over 15 million views.

What Happened to Manuela Arbeláez On The Price Is Right? 

The Colombian beauty Manuela Arbeláez was headline news after she gave away a brand-new car by accident during a photoshoot of The Price Is Right.

Everyone is now wondering if Arbelaez’s job was lost as a result of her costly mistake. 

Fortunately, this does not appear to be the case. Manuela admitted in an exclusive interview with Inside Edition that she was worried that her mistake would get her fired.

“It’s the biggest mistake I’ve ever made on the show,” Arbelaez said, but she added, “Drew Carey could not have been more supportive.”

Manuela further added: “I made an expensive mistake, but I made someone happy,” 

Is Manuela Arbeláez Still On The Price Is Right? 

After the incident, people assumed that Manuela Arbeláez would get fired for her terrible mistake.

However, Manuela is still presenting on the television show, The Price Is Right. The model has been with the game show for over 12 years.

Arbeláez impressed The Price Is Right producers and was chosen as a model for the show in 2009.

The following seasons, she remained a regular model. Furthermore, Complex magazine ranked Arbeláez first on its list of The 25 Hottest Game Show Eye Candy of 2012.

Where Is Manuela Arbeláez From The Price Is Right Currently?

The model Manuela Arbeláez from The Price Is Right show is currently living in California, United States. 

Manuela has been married to Matthew Doherty since February 17, 2018. On their first wedding anniversary, the duo revealed on Instagram that they are expecting their first child, a daughter, in August 2019. 

According to an internet source, the model was gone from the show for a while. She might have been absent owing to her pregnancy.

Moreover, On January 13, 2020, it was announced that Manuela was back at the show. 

Did Manuela Arbeláez Leave The Price Is Right Show?

Manuela Arbeláez did not quit The Price Is Right game show, as she can still be seen in the show.

She did not continue the program throughout her pregnancy, and many assumed she had left the show forever.

Likewise, she did not quit or get fired when she unintentionally gave away a vehicle to one of the game show’s contestants. 

Hence, Manuela is still appearing as a model on the game show even in 2021.